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Cat Hair Everywhere? 10 Things Only Cat Lovers Can Understand!

Newsflash, folks. Not everyone who has a cat is a crazy old cat lady. And cat lovers only get better with age, like a fine wine. In fact, the term we prefer is “cat appreciator” – because we know both the good and bad about being in love our cats! If you’re a fan of the fuzzy felines, even if it’s just laughing at a Garfield comic strip, then this list is for you.


1. How annoying it is when people say: “Ugh, I hate cats, they’re so mean!”


How many cats have they known? Zero, we think! Just like you don’t think of all people in exactly the same way, you should realize that cats are beautiful, strange individuals. Some cats are mean, some cats are lovely. Play the odds.

2. Wanting to scratch dog lovers who say: “How can you have a cat? They’re so unloving.”


Sigh. Not true. While a cat may not slobber all over you as soon as you get home (thank goodness!), they have deep and varied ways of showing their emotions. From butting their heads against your ankles to curling up on your lap to just sitting on your desk – and more often than not, across your keyboard – they always find a way to make you feel special. To show you they want your attention. They’re just not as obvious as dogs.

3. The trials of finding a good cat vet


Delhi is a very dog-friendly city, which means not only does every second person have a dog, but also that most vets are dog experts and don’t know much about cats. Even though cats are the most popular pet in the US right now (take that, dog owners!), that hasn’t quite permeated into India. Bombay, however, is quite good with cats, so if you’re from that city, you are likely to have an easier time of finding the support you need.

4. The average Indian’s general aversion to animals is awful


This is actually not restricted to cats and applies to dogs as well. People just don’t seem to care about animals – you see people being scared of them for no good reason, and far too often just plain cruel to street animals. And when it comes to animals in your home, you have to lock them up sometimes, just so someone coming to your house doesn’t die of fright. Weird.

5. Cat. Hair. On. Everything.


You can’t escape it. It’s in your coffee, it’s on your desk, it’s formed an immovable layer on your black dress (and top, and sweater, and so on and so forth.) No matter how much you clean up after your cats, there will always be cat hair on stuff.

6. Being unsocial


Dogs are the ultimate social animal. You have to take them out, you have to interact with them all the time, you have to basically be your dog’s alpha dog. Cats, however, are made for the slightly unsocial person, who likes to sit at home reading or watching TV while the cat does its own thing. It’s kind of amazing.

7. Litter box (and other) problems


Sometimes, your cat can be kind of a douchebag. Whether it’s peeing on that one new cushion cover you just pulled out because it didn’t like the fabric, or scratching you half to death when you went away for the weekend or something, or coughing up a hairball in the middle of the night, you know your cat’s just doing it to be mean. You can’t prove it, but as you’re wiping the poop off the floor next to a perfectly clean litter box, you look up and catch its eye, and you know.

8. The Internet is MADE for us


Cat videos, cat photos, cat memes, a whole cat website – the Internet is for us, sitting at home with our cats on our laps, giggling away at something funny they just did. The Internet gets our love. Thank you, Internet.

9. Trying to get your cat to do something they don’t want to do


Just wrangling with a stubborn cat to go to the vet is something that requires three days of planning and lots of grey hair. People who manage to get their cats to go on walks with them? Wow. Big round of applause for you.

10. That feeling of complete and utter contentment when a cat gives you its love and trust…


It is truly an honour. Thank you, fuzzy butts.

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06 May 2016

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