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Let ‘Em Free: 5 Things Not Wearing A Bra During Lockdown Is Doing To Your Breasts

Let ‘Em Free: 5 Things Not Wearing A Bra During Lockdown Is Doing To Your Breasts

The coronavirus outbreak, which has infected 26,55,361 people and taken 1,85,066 lives worldwide has brought life as we know it to a complete standstill. In India, which has been under a nationwide lockdown since March 25, we have been cooped up inside our houses for nearly a month now.

And while we’re extremely grateful for the privilege to have a roof over our heads when thousands of migrant workers are displaced, staying indoors for an extended period of time tends to have a detrimental effect on our mental health. While there may be plenty of reasons to complain about the lockdown, it does come with one delightful benefit.

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How many of us take our bras off as soon as you get home? The answer obviously is: literally every woman on the planet who wears a bra. Since we’re not allowed to step out anymore, our boobs are enjoying their new-found freedom. But do you wonder what our bra-less escapades are doing to our body? Well, we found five things that are likely to happen to your bra-free self during lockdown:

1. You’re Going To Be Comfy AF

Most people find wearing bras uncomfortable, even if they’re professionally measured and they are wearing the perfect size. After all, who would enjoy tight straps and choking clasps? (Unless you do, in which case, you do you boo). But now that you’re confined to your house, the girls are probably hanging free 24/7. Doesn’t it feel good to not adjust your bra at random intervals during the day?

2. Your Breast Shape Will Improve

Most of you probably believe that women need to wear a bra in order to avoid getting saggy boobs in the future. Well, according to this 15-year-long French study, wearing bras most likely has the opposite effect, causing breasts to lose their shape over time. The study says the “support” of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop. So if you want your breast muscles to stay strong and defeat gravity, it’s better to let them do their own thing.

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3. Your Breast Tissue Will Become Healthy

According to the previously-mentioned 15-year-long study, scientists found that wearing a bra may be hindering your ability to grow healthy breast tissue. Healthy breast tissue is important because it protects your breasts from various diseases, including breast cancer.

4. You’ll Sleep Better

While most of us have (hopefully) already been sleeping without our bra on, but if you’re new to the club, you must have noticed how much comfier it is. According to this study, wearing tight clothing, including bras, disturbs the circadian rhythms (the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle), which keeps you from getting a good night’s sleep. So you pick–a cute bra or sleep like a baby.

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5. It’ll Boost Circulation

According to the study mentioned above, wearing tight clothes to bed not only affects your sleep but also restricts the flow of blood. The study found that all that tightness and squeezing around your chest can slow your circulation by compressing your major blood vessels. This later leads to cardiovascular issues, so you’re doing a favour to your body by skipping a bra.

At the end of the day, it is important to do whatever makes YOU feel comfortable. If you’re one of those (rare) women who actually prefer to wear bras because they keep your girls in place, then go ahead! Because at the end of the day, it comes down to personal comfort. In the meantime, I’ll be buying nipple pasties once the lockdown is over because I don’t think my boobs can go back to the oppression of wearing a bra again after tasting freedom for so long.

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23 Apr 2020

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