‘Do My Makeup For Free’ & Other Requests Makeup Artists Are Tired Of Hearing

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Dec 10, 2021
‘Do My Makeup For Free’ & Other Requests Makeup Artists Are Tired Of Hearing


Yes, we are all enthusiastic about makeup, but makeup artists are on a different skill level. And no, they cannot make you look exactly like your celebrity makeup inspo reference unless it’s Halloween or you’re looking for a disguise to go undercover. Professional makeup artists always understand the assignment and while you may have certain requests at the top of your head on the appointment day, they aren’t always in line for what you hired them for exactly. There is lots to the art of applying makeup that not everyone other than makeup artists will understand. So, if you’ve booked an MUA for a wedding or party, you have to know about these common requests clients usually have that makeup artists are simply tired of hearing.

Makeup Requests MUAs Are Tired Of Hearing


Will You Do My Makeup For Free?

This one tops it all. Applying makeup is a skill and your makeup artist does it for a living. If you’d like free makeup do it yourself, but please stop requesting them to do this. Even if you have hired a makeup artist for yourself for a wedding, don’t give all your guests access to them unless you are paying them for each person’s makeup as well. Some artists will help out anyway after they are done with their client out of goodwill but that doesn’t mean they should go unrewarded for it.

Make Me Look Like Deepika Padukone.

Well, as lovely as that sounds, makeup can’t transform you into your favourite celebrity unless you already look quite similar to them IRL without makeup. The best your makeup artist can do is follow the celebrity makeup look from the reference image you showed them but the makeup will look different on you. There are lots of things at play here such as skin tones and features like lips and eyes. So choose a celebrity with whom you already share similarities with such as skin tone or eye shapes so that the results are attainable and complement you best.

Will You Teach Me Everything You Know About Makeup?

Professional makeup application takes years to learn theory and then loads of on-field experience to gain practical real-life knowledge in order to finally be a pro at it. They cannot teach you everything they know about makeup in just one sitting. Each skin type and skin tone and assignment is different and so the best they can do is give you tips to apply makeup on yourself. If you wish to learn more, you can request to study through a makeup course by them.

Why Don’t You Have This Product In Your Kit? It Is The Latest Launch


Just because it is the latest launch doesn’t mean the MUA will have it in their kit. There are tons of makeup launches happening all the time and they too have trusted products they prefer working with over others. If you need a specific product, you should inform them in advance so that they can procure it for you. 

Make My Skin Smooth Like An Instagram Influencer

Skin texture is a real thing and no makeup product can hide that. What you see on Instagram is usually just filters. Many makeup artists complain that social media has made their jobs even more difficult because clients do not want their skin to show any bumps, pits, fine lines, and even pores. The best they can do is minimize the appearance of these pores and fine lines, but not make them vanish completely. Take a look at some influencers who reveal their makeup looks with and without filters to understand what MUAs are trying to explain.

Make My Makeup Stay Like This So I Don’t Need Touch-Ups

This is another impossible request because no matter how long-wear your foundation promises to be, some of them do oxidize and your natural skin will make your makeup look different after a while. If your skin is oily, you will need powder touch-ups or blotting paper at the least. Even dry skin could use a hydrating face mist to keep the makeup looking fresher but unfortunately, touch-ups are required. Even the best transfer-proof lipsticks will fade after a while and so you should trust your makeup artist in their application skills. They know how to apply makeup in a way that it even fades away beautifully so that you don’t look like a complete mess after some time.

Avoid these impossible requests so that your makeup artist doesn’t call you an annoying client behind your back.

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