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Attention Please! 5 Things Karan Kundrra Needs To Do To Become The ‘Perfect BF’ For Tejasswi Prakash

ShivaniShivani  |  Jan 11, 2022
Attention Please! 5 Things Karan Kundrra Needs To Do To Become The ‘Perfect BF’ For Tejasswi Prakash


Here’s a fun drinking game for you all— every time Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash break up, you take a sip. Every time they patch things up, you take a sip, and by the end of Bigg Boss 15, you’ll be buzzed out of your mind. NGL, #TejRan have had more ups and downs than a roller coaster and we are getting worried about them fosho!

In the latest episode, Karan decided to wear his heart on his sleeves and vowed that he is gonna be the ‘best boyfriend’ for Teju. Now as someone who has been obsessed with their relationship (I have no life, get over it!), I certainly have a few suggestions.

Stop Disrespecting Her

This is basic! In a recent episode, Karan was seen openly misbehaving with Teju in front of everyone and making some really hurtful comments. Karan took an aggressive tone with Tejasswi, which was disrespectful. He said, “Shut the fuck up man. Jo tu harkatein karti phirti hai na poori duniya dekh rahi hai. Shakal dekhi hai apni?” Not cool dude, not cool!

Don’t Make Decisions For Her

Okay, now this is something I really don’t understand. Who gave Karan the right to pick Tejasswi’s friends in the house? He questioned the actress many times over her friendship with Vishal Kotian and even accused her of playing games with the two of them. Karan needs to let Tejasswi make her choices for once. Period.

Just Trust Your Girlfriend Yaar!

A while ago, Rakhi Sawant conveniently twisted a conversation to insinuate that Tejasswi has a boyfriend outside the house. Karan did not even think twice before believing her and actually confronted the actress about her boyfriend situation. How is he planning to make the relationship work with so many trust issues?

Be On Her Side

More often than not, Tejasswi has said that she feels alone in the house and no one is on her side. Well, Karan can make a note of this and figure out what is going on with her and how to turn things around.

Just Remember—Communication Is The Key

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I honestly think half of Karan and Tejasswi’s relationship woes will be over if they decide to just talk about things. They often let other people get involved in their relationship and that leads to miscommunication. I swear the majority of the time I just want to yell at my TV, ‘baat toh karo yaar’

Let’s hope Karan manages to deliver what he has promised to Teju. We are surely keeping our fingers crossed.

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