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23 Things Indian Dads Say to Their Daughters!

We’ve grown up absolutely adoring our dads. He’s the one man who’s always been your ideal (even when you thought he was being totally unreasonable about those teen-day curfews and your boyfriends), and he’s been the rock of support for your family always. So today, in loving tribute to all our fathers, we bring you the things Indian dads say to their daughters! Admit it, ladies, at some point or the other, you’ve heard these from him. 🙂

1. In my time, I used to get only 10 rupees pocket money a week. You need to understand the value of money, not spend it on makeup.

Things Indian dads say 9

2. You need to be more responsible. When I was your age, I was supporting a wife and a baby!


3. How short is that dress! Do you think you are a Bollywood actress? You’re not leaving the house until you change into something else!

4. Look at your cousin Leena! She’s managing both her career and her babies. Kuchh seekho!

5. You need to move abroad now. More opportunities. Followed by: India is the best country in the world.

Things Indian dads say 21


6. Why is this boy calling you so late at night?

8. Okay, beta, you can [insert demand you wheedled out of him]. Don’t worry about your mom, I’ll talk to her.

Things Indian dads say 4

10. Don’t ask me, ask your mother.


11. Don’t do as I do, do as I say!

12. Remember, your mother is right even when she’s wrong.

13. WHAAT? You want to buy a phone for Rs 50,000?! Is it made of gold?

14. When I was your age, I would not sit at home and check Facebook, I would be out playing sports.


15. Where are you? It’s 10 p.m.! That’s way past your deadline!

16. What? You have a boyfriend?! WHO IS IT?

Things Indian dads say 17

17. Who’s this faaltu boy you’re dating, can’t you date someone better? What is this dating business anyway?


18. Arranged marriage. We did it, your grandparents did it – that’s how you find the good boys.

19. No, you can’t talk to her now. (If your boyfriend calls you on the landline.)

Things Indian dads say 7

20. Trust me, you’ll know how tough it is to be a parent when you become one.


21. Money doesn’t grow on trees, so learn how to save!

23. If that boy breaks your heart, I will break his face. (Go, DADDY! 😀 )

Things Indian dads say 12

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06 May 2016

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