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10 Things Guys Wish Their Girlfriends Would Be More Chill About!

10 Things Guys Wish Their Girlfriends Would Be More Chill About!

Hey girl, are you ready to take a sneak peak into his mind for a change? No, it’s not all cars and cricket; he thinks about your relationship too, you know! In fact, we have it on good authority that there are some things guys wish girls would not take seriously.

1. When he forgets to message you during a busy day.

Cut the guy some slack, especially if you know he does usually message every chance he gets. He’s allowed to be busy or not near his phone sometimes.

1 things guys wish girls would not take seriously

2. If he wants to make a ‘Boys Only’ plan.

Hey, you need your girl time, right?! Well then, why can’t he get his well-deserved bro time? It doesn’t mean he’s not interested in hanging out with you anymore!


3. When he forgets to wish you on your Monthaversary!

Listen, babe, we are all for young and passionate love! Trust us, we are team commitment. But you’ve got to stop sweating the small stuff. As long as the boy remembers all the big dates and important things, he’s a keeper. You will realize how all this doesn’t really matter in the long run.

3 things guys wish girls would not take seriously

4. If he’s too tired to socialize.

He’s allowed to have a long, tiring day and bow out of a plan without much notice. As long as there’s nothing shady about it and he really has a valid explanation, let the poor chap get some rest. Okay?

5. The ex-situation!

Guys tend to get awkward easily and they don’t want to get into many confrontations. If he’s had a past relationship but doesn’t like to talk about it, let it be. It’s in his past; it doesn’t really matter. Don’t get so serious about a topic that has no relevance in his life anymore.


5 things guys wish girls would not take seriously

6. If he doesn’t get along with *all* your friends!

Now we get that you want your boyfriend and your girls to love each other. It’s only natural. But in case there is a friend (from your many friends) who he doesn’t like or doesn’t want to hang with, just let it be. He’s human and it’s almost impossible that he loves all the same people you do. As long as it’s a stray case, we suggest you take it in your stride and don’t make it a big deal.

7. If he doesn’t feel like accompanying you everywhere.

We know there are boyfriends who are total goals and love to take their girlfriends for romcoms and shopping. But we also know of perfectly nice guys who’d rather skip this stuff. So if he doesn’t want to accompany you some place, don’t start rethinking your whole relationship. Chill out, and let him have his space + downtime.

7 things guys wish girls would not take seriously


8. The “future” conversation.

Let us guess; he’s not talking marriage and babies and this is freaking you out? Well, some guys don’t operate like us. They like to imagine themselves being well settled first and only then they can think of the future. Most guys in their teens and 20s evade this discussion. We are not saying you give up on it but ease him into it if at all.

9. If he isn’t into grand gestures.

Stop comparing him to other guys. Some guys like to keep it simple and that doesn’t mean they love you any less. Okay? Okay!

9 things guys wish girls would not take seriously

10. His social media etiquette.

We understand that all modern relationships are plagued with this problem. But he isn’t always keeping up with your shenanigans and even if he liked an Instagram post your ‘ex-friend’ or someone you don’t currently like uploaded, it’s okay. Have a talk with him about it but don’t consider it a make or break factor for your relationship.


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31 May 2017

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