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#HeSays: 9 Things Guys Secretly Think About A Girl’s Period

#HeSays: 9 Things Guys Secretly Think About A Girl’s Period

Okay, so obviously, we guys do have a lot of questions about a woman’s period. We don’t know what it feels like to go through this experience that women so often crib about. But we do definitely spend at least a tiny part of our lives thinking about your period – because, honestly, we see you change slightly around these days every month! So here are a few things what guys think about periods. Don’t kill us, ladies!

1. PMS is scary…

Yeah, I mean, we’re sure that having mood swings and cravings and cramps is not fun for you at all – but it’s a bit scary for us too when you’re going through that stuff. Because, admit it, girls can really be unpredictable when they’re PMSing!

1 Guys think about periods

2. We honestly sympathise with the fact that you have to go through this every month!

Like, having blood coming out of your vagina cannot be easy. We can’t even imagine what would happen if there was blood coming out of… Okay, can’t even say it! Ouch!

3. Is wearing a pad like wearing a diaper?!

Not being ignorant, but we obviously don’t know how it feels! Plus, they do look kind of similar. And the ads… Well, you know what we mean.

3 Guys think about periods

4. Period sex is, err, messy 😛

Honestly, we’d be happy to have sex with you anytime – and we don’t think it’s gross or anything like so many of you believe – it’s just that it can just be slightly disconcerting to see blood on our parts after we’re done!

5. The blood must just come and go, on and off… Right?

You can’t actually be bleeding for five days in a row continuously and still be alive! You are human, right?

5 Guys think about periods

6. If it’s all the time, then how do you not stain everything you sit on?!

Yes, we know you’re responsible women – but people can slip, and you’re only human too. Plus, remember one time you accidentally stained your sheets… So it can happen, right?!

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7. It’s a tiny bit embarrassing when you send us to buy pads for you…

Sorry, but it just is! We don’t quite know why, ourselves. Not that it would stop us from doing this for you, of course!

7 Guys think about periods

8. But at least when you get your period it means you’re not pregnant!

Please, we’ve seen you wait anxiously for your period sometimes. So don’t even deny that it gives you a little bit of happiness and relief!

9. How, just HOW do you go about doing everything normally?

So according to Google, “When you menstruate, your body sheds the lining of the uterus.” Your body is shedding something from the inside and you’re just going about living life normally??!! HOW?!

9 Guys think about periods

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