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10 Things Your Man Secretly Wants Out of Your Relationship

So, ladies, men maybe from Mars, and women from Venus, but end of the day we all gotta live on Earth, and in peace! And for that to happen – especially when you’re in a relationship with someone – there has to be understanding. And today we tell you a few things guys actually crave in a relationship – regardless of what books and movies would have you believe! Read on to understand your guy just a little bit better. 🙂

1. Just a Little Faith

Surprise, surprise! Men may not exactly be epitomes of loyalty, but they do get hurt if you break their trust. So make sure you make him feel that he is the one for you. He, just like you, needs to feel secure in a relationship.

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2. Intimacy Please

And by this we do not mean what happens in the bedroom. A caress, a pat on the shoulder, taking his hand in yours in times of need are the greatest assurances you can provide him with.

3. A Little Seriousness

Pop culture makes us believe that men are less serious about relationships, and are just looking for a good time. While this might be true for many, it’s unfair to assume that the person you are in a relationship with is just like that too. Men in committed relationships enjoy the stability and certainty of them – why else would they be in it? So the next time you are questioning his integrity, think again.

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4. Acceptance For Sure

This is fairly simple – accept him for who he is. And no, performance anxiety is not the sole issue men face. Little things – like being cool with his dorky side – on your part will help strengthen your bond, and help him open up more.

5. More Girls’ Nights For You

Yes, you read that correct. What we are saying that it is important to give him space and let him spend some time doing things he wants.

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6. Certainly Comfort

If you are thinking that this means getting him the biggest bean bag in the world, you’re wrong. (Though it would probably be a GREAT gift for his next birthday!) Men need to feel comfortable in a relationship – just as we do. It’s all about laughing with each other, and being completely uninhibited – even when it comes to talking about embarrassing bodily functions. So help him let his guard down – he will love you all the more for it.

7. Support – We Mean It

It can be anything from professional stress to family trouble to peer issues – there are times when your man needs your support. Men need all the emotional support you can provide them with. The world puts them in boxes (men are strong, men don’t cry – all sorts of rubbish, we say) – we are sure he would not want to put on an act in front of you too.

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8. The Nod of Approval

Girl, if you feel bad when he doesn’t notice you’re wearing a new dress, can you imagine how much it sucks for him when you don’t cheer him on about the new gaming console he’s planning to get? We all seek validation from our partners, and men are no exceptions. Let him know that he has your approval to pursue his hobbies and dreams, no matter how frivolous or how serious.

9. Keeping Things Clear

When it comes to relationships, men actually prefer everything to be crystal-clear. Talk your heart out, let him know how you feel (it’s not the same thing as repeating everything many times, mind you – that can be a problem). Being expressive about your feeling will make him feel more certain about you guys. One more thing: the game of tease-and-chase is fun and an absolute must in the early, giddy stages of any relationship, but once you guys have settled down into couplehood, don’t keep him guessing about stuff. Instead of being “fun”, it will become a cause of insecurity and conflict. Become his friend instead – and play games with him only if he’s willing!

10. Love, Love, Love

We know, cliche alert, but come on, who does not want to feel loved? So, what are you waiting for? Shower him with all the love you can!

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06 May 2016

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