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8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Sexual Health!

8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Sexual Health!

You probably think you’re quite informed when it comes to sex and all things relating to it, heck you’re confident you could write the next Kamasutra and can conduct a talk on The Big O!  However, even if you’ve been sexually active for years or have just read everything you thought possible on the topic, there are still plenty of things you might not know about sex and your well-being. We tell you all the things every woman should know about sexual health, you know we always have your back!


1. Condoms Don’t Completely Protect Against STDs

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Though you should always use protection, condoms prevent contact between you and his privates but that’s not the only thing that touches you during the act. Any type of pubic contact can cause STDs, though condoms definitely reduce the risk.

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2.  Always Make a Beeline For the Loo Afterwards

Whether you just want to fall asleep or cuddle after sex, it’s super important to drag yourself to the loo immediately after. Peeing after sex is essential as it greatly reduces the risk of contracting a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). After sex, bacteria can travel up your urethra and bladder area which greatly increase the risk of contracting a UTI (yikes!), so it’s necessary to flush it out, stat.

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3. Your Vajayjay Is Self-Cleaning

Yes, ladies, you don’t need to spend so much time worrying if it’s clean or not, vaginas are self-cleaning. Forget about feminine wipes and douches which you read about or have seen commercials on, as the only thing they do is mess up the natural pH level of your lady parts. Stick to good old soap and water and you have nothing to worry about, you’ll be as fresh as you can ever be down there.

4. Go Get A Pap Smear Now

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A Pap test is a cervical screening to detect cancerous abnormalities in the cervix and it is essential that women get tested annually after the age of 21. Yup, we cannot stress enough on the importance of getting one done every single year, especially if you’re sexually active. If you haven’t already, we suggest you take an appointment with your gyno for one right now.

5. Pap Smears Do Not Test For Most STDs

The test only checks abnormal cervical cells, which means that if you’re having sex regularly then you need to test for STDs as well separately.

6. You Could Have An STD and Not Know It

There are some Sexually Transmitted Diseases that don’t have any symptoms, which means you won’t even realize you have it. However, they can still lead to some pretty scary consequences like pelvic inflammation and even infertility.

7. All Men and Women Can Have HPV At Some Point

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It may sound crazy but all sexually active people can have HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) at some point in their lives. Thanks to it not manifesting any symptoms sometimes, a majority won’t even know they have it. However, don’t worry, it can be a low-risk problem most of the time. But make sure you get yourself checked every year!

8. You Can Exercise Down There

Kegel exercises are important as they help urinary control and strengthen the pelvic floor, especially after childbirth and as you get older. Plus, they say that exercising down there helps your lady bits stay firm. Kegel exercises are basically contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor. The best way to find the muscle is to stop peeing mid-way, that’s the muscle you need to contract. It’s pretty easy once you put your mind to it and can be done anywhere, anytime, even while sitting at your office desk.

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21 Sep 2017

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