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10 Things Every Skinny Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

10 Things Every Skinny Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

I was very skinny while growing up and often wondered if I’d gain weight as an adult. But here I am, in my late 20s, still slender and slim. The only difference is that now I’m kinder to myself. As a teen, my only wish was to gain weight just to fit society’s idea of ‘healthy’ and ‘beautiful’. And honestly, my insecurities weren’t just in my head. From my school days to even now, it seems like everyone I meet has an opinion about my weight. From unsolicited advice on how to gain some kilos to comments like how I’d look prettier with some curves, I’ve been subjected to it all. The funny thing is I feel absolutely great about how I look, but people around me can’t seem to make peace with that.

If you’re also a skinny one like me, I bet you’ve heard these things way too often. And if you’re someone guilty of saying this — then stop now!

1.Arey, your mother does not feed you well kya. You are so skinny!

No Aunty, my mother makes me starve. Kal see aap hi thoda khana bhej do.

2. “Haye, kitni patli hai. Kuch khati nahi kya?”

Food, what is that? Enlighten me, please!


3. “It’s windy outside. Sambhal kar… nahi toh udh jayegi”

Thank you for the concern, guys. Who would’ve thought that a light wind is capable of blowing a full-grown person away?

4. “Real women have curves”

Oh no! Looks like I failed to receive the memo.

5. “I wish I had your metabolism”

Girl, you eat whatever you want. It’s all about eating healthy, working out regularly, and treating your body like a temple.

6. “Tujhe gym jaane ki kya jaroort!”

Since when did going to the gym become all about losing weight? Exercising is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being physically and mentally fit.


7. “Wow, you are yet to grow a pair of boobs!”

Well NGL, I never wished for bigger boobs anyway. For one, I get to wear cute tops with deep necks without worrying about exposing or fitting my babies into them.

8. “Oh, you can shop from the kids’ section too”

The jokes on them ‘coz I love to shop from the kid’s section!

9. “You’ll disappear if you lose more weight!”

Right now, I only wish that you would disappear and leave me alone!

10. “Take some fat from me na”

Till the time they don’t invent such a technology, let’s try and get comfortable in our own skins. Shall we?


I’ve always believed that skinny shaming is as awful as fat-shaming. But now I am at that phase in my life where I couldn’t care less about what people say. For me what matters is self-acceptance and self-love and embracing our bodies just the way God made them.

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20 Sep 2023

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