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17 Things Every Unmarried Girl In Her Mid-Twenties Has Heard!

17 Things Every Unmarried Girl In Her Mid-Twenties Has Heard!

If you’re an Indian, unmarried girl in your mid 20s, you must often be wondering why the whole society unites in the quest to either get you married or pass frivolous, unwanted comments on why you’re not married yet! Read on for some funny, relatable things you must have heard from one or the other relative at least once!

1. Long Lost Relative

“You’ve got a Masters in Finance, that’s great. But beta, do you know how to cook?”

1 Indian unmarried girl

2. Bua Ji

“You should get overly dressed and attend all social events from Shaadis to Kriyas to be showcased in your full glory!”


P.S. Bonus points if you’re in Indian wear. Because, #sanskari

3. Pandit Ji

“Beta, why don’t you keep a Monday fast to get a good husband?” #lifepurpose

3 Indian unmarried girl

4. Mom’s Friend

“So who’s telling you to get married right away?! This is when you should invest your time in learning make-up, gift wrapping and taking up dessert making courses.” #freeadvice


5. Dad’s Friend’s Wife

“Have you tried making your account on www.jeevansaathi.com or www.shaadi.com or the likes of it?! Because you never know!”

5 Indian unmarried girl

6. Aunty You Met At The Gym (Last Week)

“Beta ji, your prime focus in your 20s should be on maintaining a good figure (she means weight loss) and beautifying yourself before finding a husband!” (because beauty > intellect, aunty ji?).

7. Mausi Ji

“But aren’t you interested in a profession like jewellery designing, baking, teaching or even better, charity for an NGO? It looks great on the marriage C.V.!”


7 Indian unmarried girl

8. Dadi Maa

“Quit your job! This is the age to get married and not slog at work!” #Backto1947

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9. Pokey Neighbour

“Tumhe us din kisi ladke ke saath Starbucks pe dekha tha… Boyfriend ka chakkar toh nai hai?” Batao batao! #moralpolice


9 Indian unmarried girl

10. Your Mom

“Remove all pictures with your guy friends and specially the revealing ones from Facebook right now. You have an image to maintain!”

11. The Elder Brother

“Can’t wait for you to get married and leave the house… So I can take over your room!”

11 Indian unmarried girl


12. Dadi’s Sister

“If you don’t get married now, all the good guys will get taken!”

13. The Friend Who Got Married At 19

“No one will marry you once you’re 30, because guys like young and pretty girls.”

13 Indian unmarried girl

14. Dad’s Colleague

“Tch, tch, tch! (sympathetically) Abhi tak koi nahi mila?! Don’t worry, koi na koi mil jayega… It’s all destiny!”


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15. Marriage Broker

“Beta, Dilli wala ladka chahiye ya London? Accha U.S. shift karna chaho ge?”

15 Indian unmarried girl

16. Taya Ji

“Anoop uncle ka beta kaisa lagta hai? Dikhne mein bhi accha hai aur kamata bhi badiya hai… Nahi?”


17. The Cool Mamu

“F*ck what the elders say about getting married… 20s is the age to enjoy, experiment and have fun in life!”

17 Indian unmarried girl

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14 Sep 2016

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