High Maintenance Girl On A Low Maintenance Budget? Me TOO!

Anasuya RayAnasuya Ray  |  May 5, 2016


The world is an expensive place. Especially if you’re a girl of “refined” tastes! It’s not that the simpler pleasures of life don’t give us joy – it’s just that we really do enjoy the more luxurious stuff too…even if we have to work just that little bit harder for them. Here are 13 things that you will totally get if you’re a high maintenance girl on a low maintenance budget!

1. You’re a PRO when it comes to bargaining

No one knows better than you how to use the phrase “Bhaiya, thoda kam karo na!” to maximum effect.

high maintenance girl 6

2. You’re willing to live on instant noodles through the week

So that you can splurge on that really great meal at that fabulous (and pricey!) restaurant over the weekend.

3. You can afford to shop at Zara at least once a month

Thanks to all your patience and hard work in discovering that wholesale shop from where you can buy your month’s worth of supplies at 40% discount.

high maintenance girl 7

4. You care about fitness, of course!

Walking to the metro is your gym. And dancing on Ladies’ Night your cardio.

5. You may not have a new outfit to wear every day, but you do know how to repeat them in style

You have mastered the art of layering and accessorizing differently every single time.

high maintenance girl 3

6. You also know the value of mixing and matching

A little Sarojini and Colaba thrown in with some Vero Moda and Mango never hurt anyone, did it?

7. You like your wine imported, and your whisky malted

Which is why you really savour it when you drink it. Once a month.

high maintenance girl 1

8. And you love your fro-yos, your subs, your fried chicken

So you obviously know exactly when Cocoberry has their Rs-25-a-cup thing, what the Sub Of The Day is every day, and all about KFC’s 4+4 offers. Duh.

9. Your secret weapon for looking great is that parlour hidden away in that market

Your hairstylist may not be famous, but he is bloody amazing.

high maintenance girl 4

10. You would never lower yourself to buying designer knock-offs

But you thank your lucky stars that your tailor is a magician when it comes to wielding those scissors and stitching up that “Kareena wala lehenga”.

11. You love that multiplex experience, of course

And you’re totally willing to wake up at the crack of dawn and catch that weekday morning show for a 100 bucks!

high maintenance girl 2

12. When people come over and admire your furniture, you smile graciously

That whole weekend of sanding and refurbishing those bookshelves and that dresser – SO totally worth it!

13. And you are your own handyman and domestic help

Clogged sink? Busted tap? Messy room? Blown fuse? You know how to fix them ALL. A girl’s gotta not only save but be totally self-sufficient too!

high maintenance girl 5

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