Things You’ll Definitely Relate To If You’re A Workaholic!

Divya DhillonDivya Dhillon  |  Jan 25, 2018
Things You’ll Definitely Relate To If You’re A Workaholic!


Are you never too far from your laptop? Do you reply to e-mails even at 3 am (IST or EST)? Do you find it a long weekend well spent if you get twice as much done? Yep, you’re a workaholic!

Well, I am one, too. I am a hardcore believer in ‘Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat!’ Work-life balance is a myth to me. I just don’t understand how people can enjoy their free time at the office because it has always made me question my abilities! The time when the IT guy updates my computer and takes over 5 seconds, I get fidgety and the word ‘unproductive’ booms in my head.

Does any of this strike a chord? Find out beyond a reasonable doubt – here are 10 sure-shot ways to know if you’re a workaholic.

1. Working your ass-off gives you a different level of satisfaction

There is no such thing as 9-5. You’re the first one to arrive and last to leave. Plus, you are more than happy to work on your days off, for it’s another opportunity to complete the unfinished tasks. Work is your idea of fun anyway!


2. You don’t enjoy the day until you have multiple things to tick off your daily task list

And ‘check’ is your favourite word!


3. You are in a relationship with your laptop and phone

That is the only relationship you have time and dedication for!


4. Hurried meals

You don’t eat food, you gulp it down. Sometimes, your schedule is so packed that you lose track of time and don’t eat at all.


5. If it’s not overloaded, it’s no work at all

You live for short deadlines because the pressure gives you a rush. You hate being complacent and the more, the better. You love what you do so you don’t mind multitasking or helping out your colleagues if you have even a minute to spare.


6. You never call back!

No, no! Official calls are too important to miss, I am talking about your friends and family. People who know you have already made peace with it.


7. You get an adrenaline rush from completing an assignment before deadline

That’s your kind of high.

8. You dream of stellar ideas in your sleep

Do you also give mind-boggling presentations in your dream and impress the hell out of clients and subordinates? *Applauds*


9. Boyfriend, do you have one?

Or, do you even remember him?


10. You become non-existential for people

Your friends stop recognising you. Your family probably has removed you from Whatsapp groups because of lack of response. You don’t get invited for after-work drinks anymore because you always say no.


Rings true, doesn’t it? Ah, well!

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