Dear Future Husband, Here Are 12 Things I Want You To Know!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016
Dear Future Husband, Here Are 12 Things I Want You To Know!


It’s normal for a girl to dream about the guy she will one day marry. Of course, as we grow up, those knight-in-shining-armour expectations turn into ones that are more realistic. By the time we do get married, we have a better understanding of relationships and values and know what we would appreciate from our partner. We give you a few things every girl would like her future husband to know. Some are absolute essentials, and some are a little silly, but we sure hope he’s listening!

You should:

1. Ask My Parents!

Call it old-school, but it’ll sure help you score plenty of brownie points if you ask my dad and my mom too. Don’t worry, they’ll say yes!

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

2. Be A Helping Hand

Even if  your mummy has pampered you all your life, it’s unfair to expect the household duties to be the sole responsibility of your wife in this day and age. I’m not asking for much, just a little help here and there. Maybe even surprise me once in awhile by cooking us a simple dinner.

3. Help Me Shop

Face it, most women love to shop. Tagging along with me when I shop sometimes and helping me with your opinion instead of cribbing about the ordeal will make me super happy. I would do the same for you after all.

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

4. Be Honest

About how many ex-girlfriends you have and anything you’ve done in the past you think that I should know. Finding out about such things way after we’re married isn’t the type of surprise I want.

5. Remember Special Occasions

I will never forget them, so how can you? How difficult is it to remember a couple important dates in the year? Keep a reminder on your phone if you have to!

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

6. Cuddle!

It just means I love you and like the emotional connection even when it doesn’t involve sex.

7. Be My Friend

I may already have a bestie, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be my best friend too. We’ve got to have each other’s backs through life’s daily struggles and support one another.

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

8. Say: “No, You Don’t Look Fat!”

Especially after I’ve spent ages getting ready, or no matter how many times I ask you. You have no idea how much I’ll love you for that.

9. Be Accepting

Yes, I own about 200 lipsticks, and okay, I can binge watch TV for hours while eating an entire cake – don’t judge me. I’ll still love you after you cry harder than anyone I’ve known while watching Kal Ho Naa Ho for the hundredth time and even when you keep me up at night with your snoring.

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

10. Stand Up For Me

When I doubt myself. And also when it comes to your family. Stand up for me and support me when it comes to your mother and the rest of your family. Remember, I’m the outsider here.

11. Be Emotionally Available

Listen to me and understand me. We’re in this for life, so there’s no point being hot and cold with your emotions and affections.

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

And I will…

12. Promise To Love You Unconditionally

No matter how much we drive each other crazy, because there will be days like that in the next 50 years. And I will always stand by you through all the ups and downs.

Every Girl Wants Her Future Husband To Know

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