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Bikini Wax Virgin? 10 Things EVERY Bride-To-Be Should Know!

Bikini Wax Virgin? 10 Things EVERY Bride-To-Be Should Know!

This story was updated in January 2019.

The bikini wax is one of the things most girls are curious about but also really petrified of. Well, before I get into it, I do have to give you guys a disclaimer: don’t feel pressured to remove your hair down there for any reason. It’s perfectly normal and healthy to be bushy, in fact, the hair even prevents you from getting rashes and infections in your sensitive bikini area. But if you want to get it done for yourself and it makes you feel happy, then we fully support it. After all, your personal choices are just yours to make.

Here’s just about all the things you need to know about getting a bikini wax done.

Bikini Wax
Different Types
First Bikini Wax
Bikini Wax Tips
Tips After Bikini Wax
Make Waxing Less Painful
Health Hazard

What Is a Bikini Wax?

Bikini waxing is the removal of hair from one’s private areas using a special wax. This can be either hot or cold and basically follows the basic format of waxing: put wax on the pubic area, use a strip or don’t (depending on the type of wax) and then quickly remove it from the skin, leaving a smoother and balder pubic area. The bikini line is the area where the pubic mould grows in the upper leg and inner thigh region which isn’t covered by a swimsuit.

A bikini wax isn’t the only way to remove pubic hair though. There are multiple options to choose from: shaving, electrolysis, sugaring, laser hair removal, chemical depilatory creams or even epilating.

The technique of waxing involves applying usually hot, melted wax to the area in small patches. This then hardens and tiny strips of cloth or disposable strips are used which are pulled off quickly which removes the hair from the roots. Waxing can be performed at home if you have a basic kit but the more hygenic option would be to go to a salon or a spa.

If it’s your first time getting waxed or if you have been waxed before but have waited too long before your second session, then trimming your pubic hair would be a good option. An important thing to do would be a patch test if you have sensitive skin just to see that no rashes or boils appear because the area is very sensitive.

Usually an antiseptic cleaner or powder is applied to the area before waxing. Then the wax is applied with a spatula or a knife in the direction of the hair growth. The strip is put on the wax and is pulled in the opposite direction of the hair while keeping the skin taut and tight. To keep the pain to a minimum it’s recommended to pull the strip as quickly as possible. There are also different types of waxes used: beeswax, synthetic wax and peel-off wax.

Types Of Bikini Wax


There are many types of waxing for pubic hair and it depends on you and your preference for how much of the area you want to shave off. To make the decision easier, it’s imperative to know how they’re all different from each other.

Bikini Line Waxing

This one is ideal if you’re a first timer, still trying to access the level of pain or see if it’s for you or not. This is basically waxing the sides of your bikini line near the inner thigh region. This way you can still keep things on the natural side while having that strip of neatness. If you’re heading to the beach and are conscious of pubic hair protruding out of your swimsuit, you can definitely go for this one.

French Waxing

This is when you have a little landing strip in your pubic area where the hair is trimmed and the rest of it has been waxed off. So the labia is kept intact (it is also the most sensitive)) and the pubic hair from the side is removed. It’s perfect if you want to get the shebang of waxing done without feeling too bare. One strip resembling an airport runway is left but this isn’t the only shape you can get, you can get a tiny triangle, or if you have a piercing down there, something to compliment it.

Half Brazilian Wax

Now half Brazilian waxing is when you go completely bare from the front, bikini line, pubic mould, the labia, everything! For this you’ll obviously have to be pantiless and it’ll become easier if you’re lying down on your back and spreading your legs to allow easy access. If bare is you, then a Brazilian is the wax to go. Just a disclaimer, this one freakin’ hurts.

Full Brazilian Wax

A full Brazilian wax involves shaving EVERYTHING! I know I said that for the previous one, but this one involves pulling out the hair from the crack area too. So the bikini line, the labia, the pubic area and the butt crack. There are a few ways you can get this done. By lying on your stomach and pulling your buttcheeks apart, by sitting on all fours, with your butt facing the person waxing you. Another way you can get it done is by lying on your back with one leg up so that every tiny hair is visible. Yeah, pretty up close and personal!

Butt Crack Wax

As the name suggests the butt crack waxing is only for crack where the hair is pulled out from that area. It becomes essential to clean this area with a wet wipe or an antiseptic cream, after all, you don’t want fluids or other gross things coming out of private places.

The Full Bum Baboon

This is when you get your crack done but take it up a notch and get your butt cheeks waxed as well. So if you want to wear a sexy thong and show off that cleanly shaved bum, you can opt for the full butt wax.

What To Expect During Your First Bikini Wax

Oka,y girls let me be honest, the first time you’re going in for a bikini wax is going to be a bit daunting. But if you prep yourself well and know what to expect it can be a tad bit better. Here are some ofthe things you should keep in mind when you’re a newbie wanting a stranger to rip hair off of your private areas.

Feeling Self-Conscious Is Perfectly Normal, Hang In There

It’s a pretty strange feeling being fully naked in front of a random person who is being paid good money to pour hot wax on your pubic area. Taking off your panty and lying in all sorts of positions and having someone so close to your private parts can make you feel a little shy. But hang in there, it’ll get better as you keep getting it done. Another suggestion is that if you’re getting your arms and legs waxed from the same person, get all that done first so that you can build a little rapport with the person waxing you.

You Can Decide What Type Of Bikini Wax To Get

Depending on how comfortable you are or how much hair you want removed, you can decide if you want to get a full brazilian or french wax or even just the bikini line.

Let’s Talk About The Panties

If you’re getting a bikini line waxed, there is no need to remove your knickers if you aren’t comfortable with it. The salon lady will find a way around it. Yes, if it’s a brazilian you’re getting then you’ll have to. We would suggest wear comfy cotton panties and not lacy ones to avoid an itch.

There’ll Be a Whole Lot Of Touching

The waxing person will touch your labia if required and even your butt crack, so you should just be prepared. Yeah, you might feel awkward, but remember these are professionals and they know their job.

Positions, Positions, Positions

The most position to get waxed is lying on your back and folding your legs but you may even have to lift one leg up for easier access or be eagle spread on the bed. Sometimes even two ladies come to help with your bikini wax, one keeps the skin tight while the other waxes your hair.

The Big Question- How Much Does a Bikini Wax Hurt

Let’s be real, pubic hair is hard and curly and the area is sensitive so the pain is a given. Hair removal from anywhere is painful but depending on your threshold it can feel too much. But if you go to a reputed salon or spa, it’ll be quick and the pain won’t last that long.

Tips For Bikini Wax

  • Don’t DIY and go to a reputed salon because it’s a very sensitive area and we don’t want any serious mishaps.
  • Work out before you’re getting a bikini wax and not after because if there’s sweat in the area and no hair to absorb it, the friction can cause irritation in the area.
  • Get yourself waxed at least three days before you’ve to put on a swimsuit if you’re getting your hoohah hair removed for the beach. Exposure to the sun might cause irritation and the rubbing synthetic material might even cause rashes.
  • Wait for at least three to four weeks between waxing sessions so that your hair is long enough for it to be waxed. If your hair is too small the process will be slower as the same patch will have to be redone again and it’ll also be more painful.
  • Exfoliate the night before you’re getting waxed like you would for your arms and legs. This is done so that all the hair growing under the skin comes out and even the smallest hair can be removed easily.
  • Chug a whole lot of water before your appointment because alcohol or caffeine can constrict pores so they grip the hair more tightly and hence it is more likely to break on the surface. Even ingrowths that occur because of dry skin can be worked around then as keeping yourself hydrated leaves your skin soft and supple.
  • Speak up and tell the therapist in case it’s hurting or the wax is too hot or even if you want to just take a breather. Only if you communicate will the other person know where you’re at.

What To Do After a Bikini Wax


If you thought your job was done after actually getting the bikini wax then you’re completely mistaken. After care of your sensitive areas is just as important to avoid infections, rashes and to soothe your skin.

Straight after the wax, most salons give a soothing oil massage to calm the skin down. If you use thicker wax like chocolate or white chocolate then oil massage also helps removing some stickiness in the area.  

Avoid common irritants to your skin like direct sunlight, tight clothing and heavy exercise. If it’s necessary to go out in the sun, use a good amount of SPF to keep the area protected. Sweat, as we mentioned earlier can cause skin bumps and discomfort.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes which don’t stick to your hoohas to let it breathe!

If you get slightly burnt during the bikini wax remember to soothe the skin. Cold compress the area with a washcloth soaked in water or milk and gently dab down the area. You can apply aloe vera gel to the place a couple of times a day. If you think it’s more severe, go see a doctor.

How To Make Bikini Wax Less Painful


Now we’ve already told you that a bikini wax is painful but to make it hurt a little less you can follow some of these hacks.

  • Schedule your waxing session after your period because your pain threshold is higher at that time.
  • Try and relax and be less self conscious as it’s going to make your body feel at ease.
  • Use hard wax or peel off wax which gets the job done in one go. It may be required to apply the regular wax more than once to peel off the hair and that’ll be more painful.
  • Start of slowly and maybe not deep dive into a brazilian the first time, see how it goes and then increase the pain level.
  • If you are too nervous for the pain you can pop an over the counter painkiller an hour before the appointment.
  • Don’t wait too much or too little between sessions. Getting it done every three to four weeks is advisable as either way the pain can be too much.
  • Take deep breaths during the process, breathe in when the wax is being put and breathe out when the hair is being yanked off.
  • Coughing is another hack to keep in mind during brazilian wax, while it may sound bizarre but if you cough when the hair is being pulled it distracts you from the pain.
  • Another way to distract yourself is by watching something interesting or listening to calming music. Anyway, the therapist will be doing all the dirty work, you’ll be lying down, might as well do it calmly.
  • Don’t keep peering and looking down to see what’s happening coz it may distract her from doing the job well. Lie down and follow her instructions if she has any.
  • The best way is to put the wax, pull it off the area swiftly and then hold the patch down to dull the pain. Make sure your therapist is following this procedure.

What Are The Possible Health Hazards Of a Bikini Wax?


Our bodies were made the way they were for a reason. We were meant to have two hands so that both could get the job done. Similarly, we were meant to have hair down there for a purpose. They keep the skin from running together and acts as a barrier during sexual intimacy. They even maintain the air flow and keep the labia from rubbing against anything because rashes and redness down there is not pleasant (at all)! However, if it’s your personal choice to get a bikini wax then it’s imperative that you know these health hazards.

Increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections

Many studies prove that removing your pubic hair can put you at a greater risk of sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Any infection that is spread through contact will be more easily contracted if there is damaged skin. These can be microscopic ones including herpes, genital warts and even possibly cervical cancer.

More Susceptible To Other Infections

With brazilian wax your intimate skin will get tiny tears and then bacteria can get into the skin more easily. It can cause surface infections and even more serious infections like ringworm in some cases. Also ladies, if not kept clean the infection can spread to other parts of your body because the practitioners dip back into the same pot of wax. It’s also likely that you could get the infection from the client before. Ewww, right?!


Burns are not uncommon when the professional is less experienced. You can use a cold compress or aloe vera gel for small burns but if it’s major, you’ll have to go see a doctor.


If after care is not done properly, rashes are easy to get. While most of the time they go away in a while, sometimes the redness persists for which you’ll have to be on medication.

Now that you know all the parameters of a bikini wax you can make an informed decision about hair removal from your hoohah. And if you’re going through with it, good luck, you’re going to need it!

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