13 Things Every Bengali Bride-To-Be Is Tired Of Hearing!

Anannya ChatterjeeAnannya Chatterjee  |  Jul 6, 2018
13 Things Every Bengali Bride-To-Be Is Tired Of Hearing!

A Bengali wedding is a whirlwind of rituals and customs. And being a bride-to-be myself, no one gets it better than me. It’s a lot different from other cultures. And all this while I have been teased by my non-bong friends for some of the funniest things they have experienced at a Bengali wedding. Like the weird Ulu-lu-lu sound or the groom wearing a funny topor. Also, bong weddings don’t have alcohol! I know, the non-bongs are pretty inquisitive and being a bride-to-be, here are some of the things I’ve been asked time and again. 

1. “Hey, what is that you guys do…Ulu-lu-lu?! It sounds so funny man!”

“Let’s just say it’s our very own music and we don’t need the DJ all throughout the festivities! On a serious note, it’s considered auspicious and drives away all the negativities.”

2. “Will you be serving maach bhaat at your wedding too?”

“Hell yes, we love maach! It’s what gives us those absolutely drool-worthy tresses.”

gif 2

3. “Will you sing a Rabindra Song at your wedding? Since you are a Bengali, we are sure you have a great voice!”

“I love Rabindra Sangeet and yup, I would like to believe that I have a great voice, but can you not just assume things?! 

4. “Why is the groom asked to wear that funny topor (headgear)? We totally feel for your man.”

“How funny is that safa (headgear) you wear to hide your entire face?”

gif 1

5. “Will you guys dance on ‘ami je tomar..chhin chhin chhin’?”

“First, it’s not even a song. Second, your knowledge about Bengali songs seems limited.  How about I get you some real good Bengali stuff to watch? Will that help?”

6. “Hey, is your man also the intellectual and communist types?”

“Let’s just say, his conversations are much more meaningful than most other men I’ve come across!”

gif 6


7. “What’s with that paan paata? Why do you have to hide your face behind it?”

“It’s a ritual where we are not supposed to see the groom before the ‘Shubho Drishti’. Shubho Drishti is the first eye contact the bride makes with her groom during the entire rituals. We don’t have any other common pre-wedding functions.”

gif 5

8. “Will you guys be serving mishti doi?”

“Well, yes, mishti doi is our thing and if you’ve never had it before, then you’re going to experience something totally yum my friend!”

9. What if you fall off that wooden plank?

“Why would I? My brothers are holding me up, nice and strong!”

gif 4

10. “Bengalis are supposed to be so cool and mod, then why do you guys don’t serve alcohol at weddings?”

“We are. And guess what? Every body knows it! But do we really need to prove our modern outlook by serving alcohol at weddings?”

11. “Bengalis are so culturally enriched, so aren’t you having a sangeet?”

“We do have a bashor ghor after the marriage that’s all about the dance and drama. It’s pretty much the same you know, just that it’s after the wedding”

gif 8

12. “Will we be asked to eat water, jol khabe?”

“Uh no, not only water. You will be asked to eat tea and juices as well…cha khabe? Juice khabe?”

13. “Okay, we are here only for the food. Slurp! Slurp!”

“Well, you finally come to the point!”

gif 9

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