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17 Things Your *Boobs* Would Say… If They Could Talk!!

17 Things Your *Boobs* Would Say… If They Could Talk!!

Every girl has a love-hate relationship with her boobs. We’ve been frenemies since day 1! Love them or hate them, boobs sure do have a mind of their own, one that we usually don’t agree with. Here are a few things boobs would say if they could talk…


1. ‘Uh, we’re telling you, he’s a total creep! He has been staring at us, NOT you!’

Boobs are exceptionally observant. They can figure out who the weirdos are!

1 things boobs would say

2. ‘Why do you like my sister more than me? We’re twins!!’

Many of us love (or give attention to) one of them more than the other, right? No one likes to feel ignored. Poor baby!

3. ‘Can you free us from this prison or must we die here?’

They hate bras with the same fiery passion we do!

3 things boobs would say

4. ‘We hurt everywhere AND we’re bloated? Add this extra weight to our woes. Worst day ever!!’

One word: Periods. Enough said.

5. ‘Girlfriend, not to be mean, but we hate that button down.’

They’re not enjoying this peekaboo game either, you know!

5 things boobs would say

6. ‘We’re free, we’re free. Finally FREE!!’ *Extra jiggle*

End of the day, when the bra comes off… This is understandable!

7. ‘Oh, we can see the world! Finally free of that blindfold!’

Oh, the days when we bring out our low-cut tops and dresses!

7 things boobs would say

8. ‘We’ve been stabbed! We did not imagine dying like this…’

Underwire struggles are the WORST.

9. ‘We think our relationship is going downhill. You don’t love and support us like you used to anymore.’

If your boobs are saying this, it’s time to buy them some new and pretty bras!

9 things boobs would say

10. ‘We have some free food right here for you!’

We’ve all found unexpected treats and free food between our boobs, haven’t we?

11. ‘CANNOT BREATHE!! Going to pass out soon.’

Sports bras are both a curse and a blessing.

11 things boobs would say

12. ‘Now’s the time to either put the heat up or wear a sweater. We beg you!’

It’s cold and they run the risk of showing more than intended… If you know what we mean.

13. (Looking in the mirror) ‘Well hello there! You look totally amazing today.’ *Wink wink*

When you step out of the shower… EVERY single day!

-13 things boobs would say

14. ‘It’s been a while since you checked us for lumps. Feel us up today?’

Touch your breasts, ladies. It’s for your own good!

15. ‘We’re your boobs NOT hand warmers. Spare us, please!’

All of us are guilty of doing this when we’re cold!

15 things boobs would say

16. ‘Today, we’re on a time out!’

No-bra day means our boobs decide they need space from each other and refuse to talk or even look at each other!

17. ‘He’s a nice guy! You’ve been seeing each other for a month now! Let him move on to the second base, girl!!’

Your boobs need some loving too! They deserve it considering the amount of weight they carry.

17 things boobs would say

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23 Mar 2017

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