12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re An Adventurous Person!

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  May 5, 2016
12 Things You’ll Totally Get If You’re An Adventurous Person!


If you’re someone who isn’t ready to always stick with the regular dal-chawal-office-ghar routine, and you LOVE being in places and situations that challenge you and force you to think on your feet – you will SO relate to this! If you like to leave your comfort zone frequently, and doing new and daring things gives you a major rush, we’re pretty sure you will know what we are talking about. (Next adventure, here we come!!)

1. Yes! I did it!

The sense of achievement when you complete a task that seems challenging at first is such a rewarding feeling!

2. Pushing your boundaries just helps you understand yourself better.

This is the mantra you live by: “I haven’t tried it yet, but I am sure I will be good at it!”

Adventurous person

3. Breaking conventional barriers to do something offbeat? Totally your thing!

How you love to prove others wrong and do as you wish! We love that about you, you little rebel!

4. Being spontaneous is what brings excitement to your life!

You always need to get away after a few days of doing the usual things – so many new things to try out!

Adventurous person

5. You have a bucket list. And you’re ticking things off it every single day!

Skydiving? Done! Bungee jumping? Done! Asking out a guy? Done! Whatever you want to experiment with – you’re constantly making sure you actually do them!!

6. Going to a new country? Eating new food? A totally agenda-less trip? Learning to ride a motorbike?

You NEVER say no without giving it at least one shot.  

Adventurous person

7. You truly believe in making friends wherever you go…

Who knows where you’ll find like-minded people – and more adventures with them?

8. Even when your adventure turns into a misadventure, you never give up.

It’s at least a GREAT story to tell your friends back home!

Adventurous person

9. Darr ke aage jeet hai…

Yes, everyone wants to try and overcome their fears… You take it one notch further by not only doing what scares you but also WINNING at it!!

10. Pretty much everyone you know thinks you’re a total badass.

And you’d never want to disappoint them. After all, you gotta keep that image intact! 

Adventurous person

11. You’re greeted with loud cheers everywhere you go…

Who else will amaze everyone with an insane anecdote about the time you got stranded at a camp site or your raft capsized and you had to swim ashore?! They ALWAYS want to know what your next plan is.

12. Your reputation precedes you…

‘Coz your friends always tell their other friends: “I have a friend who did this crazy thing…!”

Adventurous person

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