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11 Things Every Desi Couple Does On Their Honeymoon!

11 Things Every Desi Couple Does On Their Honeymoon!

Even though the word honeymoon is always associated with a lot of staying inside the hotel, if you know what I mean, we Indians manage to be our uniquely wonderful selves and do very typical things when we are out exploring. Here are all the things most couples do on their honeymoon, other than the obvious of course. Don’t worry, we desi girls are totally allowed to laugh at ourselves so don’t get offended if something you did has made it to this list, as long as we have fun right?

1. Look ‘newly married’

You can spot a newly married Indian couple from a distance because the girl will most likely be wearing her choora and will have her arms and legs filled with fading mehendi! Not to miss the mangalsutra and the bright red sindoor in her hair parting.

2. PDA central

2 couples do on their honeymoon - alia bhatt varun dhawan hugging

Something about being in a foreign land makes desi couples feel all loved up, with no real reason to hide it. Apart from walking and taking and shopping and eating while holding hands – desi couples can be found kissing and hugging and being totes adorable!


3. Talking in code

Trust desi couples are smart enough to use other languages or Hindi if abroad to communicate with each other without others finding out what they are saying.

4. Clicking a bazillion photos

4 couples do on their honeymoon - ranbir kapoor holding camera

Maybe this is a millennial phenomenon but desi couples cannot stop clicking photos on their honeymoon! First a selfie, then a posed picture of her with the most beautiful background, then a posed picture of him with the same background, and then asking someone to click a picture of you two lovebirds with that same background.

5. Checking in on social media

If desi newly weds don’t check in from the airport, people will think they never went on a honeymoon!


6. Filmy poses galore!

6 couples do on their honeymoon - kajol srk ddlj

Okay fine, this may not be every couple but the Bollywood loving couples for sure. If you guys don’t stand like Raj and Simran in the khet, phir who bhi koi honeymoon hua?

7. Bollywood References

Desi couples find a way to include Bollywood in everything. Every new place visited will be benchmarked by already seeing it in a Bollywood movie! In fact, so many people decide destinations according to the ones they’ve seen on reel. Nothing wrong with it – just an observation.

8. Make friends with other couples

8 couples do on their honeymoon - making friends with other couples


We Indians are an insanely friendly bunch. Our more the merrier mentality ensures we end up including strangers in our conversations and making friends with them by the end of the night.

9. Eat/crave Indian food

Desi couples carry dhoklas and khakras on their honeymoon or definitely go looking for an Indian restaurant– and there’s no shame in that! Eat what feeds your soul, we say.

10. Spend time talking to their families!

10 couples do on their honeymoon - ranbir deepika yjhd

Desi couples will always be found texting or on the phone – because back home the festivities are winding down and everyone is missing the bride and groom after the dhamaka wedding.



Have you *ever* attended a shaadi? The exhaustion is real and truly sets in once the functions are done with. Sadly, it is only on the honeymoon when the couple can finally catch a breather and exit zombie mode. So while Indian couples tend to really snooze on the honeymoon, at least the snuggling makes it super romantic!

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20 Jul 2017

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