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What Causes Rashes ‘Down There’? What Should You Do About It?

What Causes Rashes ‘Down There’? What Should You Do About It?

Are you getting rashes or beginning to itch down there? Uh-oh! It’s either an allergic reaction to something or an infection you’ve picked up. Whatever be the cause, you’ve got to deal with it at the earliest! While going to the doctor is always a good idea, you could also try a few things to speed up the healing process and deal with a vaginal rash at your end at home. Here’s what to do…

1. Clear The Air Down There

For bacteria to grow, breath and multiply, it needs a warm environment. If you want the rash to go away soon, you’ve got to give it some air. Instead of wearing underwear made from synthetic fibres, opt for cotton ones. Synthetic fibers are responsible for trapping heat, while cotton allows your skin to breathe and your rash to heal.

2. Give Me Water!

Of late, has the colour of your urine turned yellowish? That’s caused from a pigment called urochrome. This usually happens when you aren’t consuming enough water that you’re expected to. Understand that for your body to function smoothly, you need water. If that’s in scarce supply, your body will hold on to, it making your urine strong and highly concentrated. Keep your urinary tract healthy and heal the rash by simply drinking more water.

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3. No Hygiene Products For You!

Sure, feminine hygiene products like sprays, scented pads, creams and tampons eliminate bacteria, but you know what? They can irritate the skin immensely. This will give rise to more itching. The lesser use of products, the chances of the vaginal rash healing will be higher.

4. Stop With The Washing

We know it itches. We also know that it hurts. That does not mean that you have to wash it every time you get the chance. Too much of washing can wipe away certain healthy bacteria which are responsible for protecting your skin from the infection and fighting off the rash. Even while washing, use just water or a very mild cleanser and pat dry. You don’t want to aggravate the infection.

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5. Choose Your Clothing Wisely

Any material that sticks to your body, traps air and causes irritation – bad idea. Bathing suits and fitness gear are no exceptions. Anything that’s wet and warm acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. If you’re suffering from a vaginal rash, make sure you wear loose clothes instead of tight ones. They will only worsen the condition.

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6. Bathe In Salt

Before stepping into the tub, add a half a teaspoon of salt into the water. Let it dissolve and take a dip after 5 minutes. You see, salt has anti-bacterial properties that kill bacteria, which also soothes the itch.

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7. Eat Wisely

Foods like yoghurt, garlic, and basil have natural antibacterial properties. They help kill the germs on your rash and simultaneously promotes the growth of good bacteria. This act speeds up the healing process. Include them in your everyday diet. Though this method is slightly slower than the rest in showing results, the effects are long-lasting!

P.S.: If none of these things help, please go see a doctor right away!

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05 May 2016

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