Worth The Hype: 5 Facial Tools That Will Give You A Razor-Sharp Jawline

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jun 25, 2021
Skincare Tools For Chiseled Jawline



Instagram is a one-stop destination to keep up with the freshest beauty trends. So, if you’re tuned into the beauty space, then you’ve probably spotted a whole bunch of celebs that swear by facial tools for sculpted cheeks and defined jawlines.

TBH, facial tools are an often overlooked category. However, just like a good skincare regimen, if you find a tool that changes the game for you, then you’ll wonder what you did without it. They can make a huge difference in your sculpting and tightening your face. Here’s the thing: if you don’t have a facial tool in your beauty stash, we assure you that you’re missing out. But don’t fret, as today we’re listing down the best tool that’ll help you get those goddess-like sculpted jaws and cheeks. Add these tools to your cart to nail a killer Kendal-worthy jawline.

6 Splurge-Worthy Facial Tools That’ll Help Your Nail A Model-Esque Jawline

For The Sharpest Jawline


There’s a reason why this dual-sided beauty tool is a cult-favourite. The two side globes provide a deep-kneading action with the help of 3D massage technology and thus reaps the benefits of a professional massage by releasing the tension, toning, and firming the skin. It really does wonders for jaw sculpting and leaves the skin with a natural radiant glow. We recommend using it for 2-3 minutes per day for an unbeaten glow.  

To Sculpt Your Jawline And Cheeks


Double chins? droopy jowls? Who??  Every one of these is popular for a reason, whether it’s because Kendal Jenner and Hailey Beiber rely on this magical skincare tool, it’s game-changing, it’s all over Instagram. This is not your average roller, thanks to its ability to gently vibrate when pressed on the skin. The results: a super-relaxing massage that helps reduce puffiness, define features, enhance the glow, and release tension every time you use it. It works by breaking fat cells in the face, thereby sculpting the face. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Say Goodbye To Double Chins

Feeling fancy? This one’s for you. This 24-k vibrating bar instantly reshapes the face contour making your skin reveal its youthful look and energy. This duo works like magic in toning and sculpting the face. TBH, it’s the perfect self-care activity to pair with your latest Netflix obsession. It works wonders to attack double chins and fine lines. All it takes is 45 seconds once a day. Just take a few drops of light face oil and then get to it, particularly around the jawline and forehead area. Gently apply the serum over the chin and glide the device in upward strokes to get that model-esque jaws. 


For Toned And Lifted Face

This one’s too good to be true. It’s not every day you come across a face massaging tool that’s this chic. Simply put, it’s a thousand benefits packs in one teeny massager. Everything just works – not only does this roller bring peace and harmony but also helps in lifting the face and getting that heart-throbbing jawline. As it comes with two rollers, use the bigger one as it’s specially meant for the jaw, cheekbones, and neck. So wash your face, grab your go-to skin-friendly serum, and roll it upwards and outwards for the best results.

For Heart-Throbbing Jaws

Gua Sha is a skincare trend that won’t quit for all the right reasons and this one is our favourite. It’s cute, pastel, and won’t break the bank. The benefits of Gua Sha include promoting a brighter complexion, lifting, and contouring the face. This one is straight-up amazing, making it a must-have skincare staple as it will instantly make your skin feel and look toned and revived. By massaging your face with this, you’re kick-starting your lymph system which in turn drains excess fluid and toxins out of your system. Thus, giving you a sculpted jawline and cheekbone.

And while using these face massaging tools, don’t forget to moisturise and hydrate your skin. We suggest using this rosehip-infused nourishing moisturiser to relax and unwind.

Trust us, they are totally worth your time and money.

Featured Image: Instagram