WHY Did They Delete These Scenes From 2 States? They’re So Good!

Shivani ShrivastavaShivani Shrivastava  |  Jun 3, 2016
WHY Did They Delete These Scenes From 2 States? They’re So Good!


We all remember 2 States! It was just so refreshing and we absolutely fell in love with Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor’s jodi. The movie was about how a couple in love find a way to be together against all odds. A tale about clashing Punjabis and Tamilians, two people who love each other and their journey to happiness, of course 2 States was a hit at the box office! Well, we discovered a few deleted scenes from the film and kept wondering as to why they were removed… The scenes are super-cute and you’ll wish they were never deleted from the film as soon as you watch them too!

1. When Ananya and Krish discuss how they’ll fix up their families

Aww! This scene where Ananya and Krish are having food from the same plate is just adorable!

2. When Ananya tries to convince Krish to invite his father to the wedding

This one shows just how much she cared about Krish and his family!

3. When Krish’s father asks about Ananya…

Well… This one is a bit intense, yes, but we still wish it wasn’t cut!

4. When Krish’s mother forces him to go for a date with Dolly

This scene is hilarious! Dolly didn’t appear on the screen when we watched the film and we SO wish she had now!

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