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7 Things That Cause Dark Circles – And How To Deal With Them!

7 Things That Cause Dark Circles – And How To Deal With Them!

Most of us tend to blame dark circles on poor sleep or exhaustion, but they can be caused due to many factors. It is important to be able to pinpoint the exact cause in order to effectively treat them. Read on to find out what may be causing these stubborn imperfections and how to fix them!

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1. Blame It On The Genes

Heredity plays a huge role in determining your skin type and whether you are prone to dark circles. Look around in your family: if many of them have dark circles, chances are you will too.

The fix: While there is pretty much nothing we can do to change our genes, we certainly can maintain what we’ve been gifted with. Using a quality eye cream suited for your skin type goes a long way in helping to prevent any future skin issues. For the times you need to fake it, dab some concealer, blend and your dark circles will remain a secret!


2. Oh Haemoglobin!

2 causes of dark circles

A low haemoglobin (responsible for the red colour of blood) count indicates an Iron deficiency which is often associated with dark circles.

The fix: Consult your physician, who will most likely suggest a blood test to establish your haemoglobin levels. If the levels are below normal, you will be prescribed supplements. Once your levels have normalised, the dark circles should subside considerably.

3. Turn Back Time

With each passing year, the skin becomes thinner and the loss of volume beneath the eyes causes sallowness. This makes the blood vessels more prominent, giving a darker appearance.


The fix: Using eye creams which list collagen, peptides, retinol and hyaluronic acid as ingredients will help stimulate collagen production and reduce loss of volume, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing dark circles. We love this one from L’Oreal.

4. Hello H20

4 causes of dark circles

Dehydration leads to dull skin and causes a loss of elasticity, making dark circles more prominent.

The fix: Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday as a thumb-rule. Definitely up the intake during the summers.


5. Sleep Deprivation, Duh!

Sleeping lesser doesn’t actually cause dark circles but it does make the skin paler and the eye area hollow looking, which creates shadows, giving the appearance of dark circles.

The fix: Get 6-8 hours of sleep without an exception. Sleep benefits your skin a lot more than a whole bunch of creams and potions and it’s free!

6. Sun, Stay Away!

6 causes of dark circles

Skin around the eyes is extremely prone to sun damage. Very often, we tend to skip sunscreen around the eyes, causing extreme darkening due to sun damage.


The fix: Wear a sunscreen with at least an SPF 40 or above regularly to prevent these type of dark circles.

7. Nasal Congestion

Congestion in the nasal passage can dilate blood vessels near the eyes causing the skin to appear darker.

The fix: Consult an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, who will identify the cause of your nasal congestion and suggest medication accordingly.

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27 Jun 2016

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