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7 Matching Sets That Deserve A Spot In Your Activewear Collection Post Lockdown

7 Matching Sets That Deserve A Spot In Your Activewear Collection Post Lockdown

The pandemic has changed our lives in many more ways than we expected. But then there’s also a silver lining, people have now started taking their health and lifestyle way more seriously than ever before. And while that is something which primarily involves improving food habits, focusing on mental health and working out regularly, us, being the fashion lovers we are, have also found ways to make our lives after lockdown better and even more fashionable. 

Yes, girls, workout is going to become a way of life post lockdown, and let’s admit it, exercising regularly is only going to be beneficial for us. Thanks to all the social media at-home exercises being done by our favourite celebrities, we’ve all the inspiration we need for our activewear wardrobe. So what we’ve realised after looking at those pictures is that matching activewear is going to be big this summer. Guess what? We’ve got you covered without recommendations of co-ords you should have in your activewear collection. Save them now, buy them later (post lockdown).

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Matching & Affordable! Nothing Can Get Better Than This

Isn’t athleisure way more fun when you put on the right kind of outfit? Well, whether it is zumba or yoga, wearing these seven matching will make you feel so cute even if your workout feels bleh. Don’t believe us? Read on!

Cutesy Shorts Are All You Need

Sometimes a cue matching shorts can give you that motivational push to head to the gym and work on that killer burn. Like this pink sports bra and shorts set embellished with rhinestones.

Neon: A Trend In Activewear Too!

Neon colours are undoubtedly the need of the hour and activewear in neon shades like fuschia and yellow have seen rising demand. And the best part: you can even wear this neon sports bra even out of the gym. Just wear a black mesh tee over the sports bra, pair it with mom jeans and sneakers and you’re all set.

Go For Dependable Leggings

The productivity of your workout in a lot of ways depends on how comfortable your leggings are. Opt for the co-ord set with leggings that are stretchy and are made of a fabric that can absorb sweat. And it will do wonders to your workout.

Who Says Floral Patterns Don’t Look Good In The Gym?

Summer is all about floral prints and patterns and why should your workout gear be an exception to that? Therefore, having a bunch of patterns in your gym wardrobe is a must, whether it is something as basic as floral print or as dramatic as animal print.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Black

Black is the colour you can wear anytime and anywhere. Need I say more? Well, the fact is that you can never go wrong with black and, therefore, you must own a pair of black co-ords. The best part: you always mix and match your black co-ords with neon or printed sports bra to break the monotone. 

Add Colour To Your Workout Life

Psychology proves that wearing colours can lift up your mood. So wear some colour if you want to feel bright and confident while lifting those dumbbells. 

Camouflage Your Way Into Fitness…

Wait, by camo I do not really mean just the usual military green co-ord. Camo print in activewear comes in different shades. Forever 21, for instance, has camo print in white/grey, pink, and of course olive green. So, what are you waiting for? Trust me, this trend is never going to be a passé. 

Which of these is going to be your pick for your first workout in the gym post lockdown?

Featured Image: H&M

24 Apr 2020

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