The Kind Of Woman He Wants To Marry… His Zodiac Reveals!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Aug 16, 2017
The Kind Of Woman He Wants To Marry… His Zodiac Reveals!


If you’ve been dating him for a while, we bet at some point of time, you’ve probably wondered what type of a woman he’s looking for from a marriage perspective. What kind of qualities he considers appealing as opposed to the ones he doesn’t. If you know his zodiac sign, then this list will help you find out! Read on, we say!

Aries wants a confident dame

An Aries guy will always settle for a boss lady. He’s looking for an equal and someone who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. He craves for a woman who he can have intellectual and meaningful conversations with. Apart from having a witty personality, she must also have a fun side to her.  

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Taurus falls for a light-hearted woman

Not any woman makes the cut for a Taurus man. He wants someone who has a fine taste in food, culture, fashion and design. She should have a humble approach to life and be down to earth as a person. That’s exactly the kind of woman he’d like to bring home to meet his family.   

Gemini loves a focused beauty

Since a Gemini is always on the move, he needs someone to keep him grounded. Someone who thinks in a practical fashion and is focused on completing one task at a time. A woman who can give his life direction is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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Cancer’s heart belongs to a romantic soul

The relationship needs of a cancerian are simple. He’s looking for a loyal, trustworthy and sensitive partner. Someone who’ll offer him company and love on days when he doesn’t feel his best self. She needs to be his emotional powerhouse and source of infinite happiness. In return, he’ll reward her with a lifetime of happiness.

Leo wishes for a strong support system

Let’s be honest here, the Leo man is always basking in the limelight. The lion usually has a huge list of admirers, but needs someone to offer stability when it comes to a life partner. She needs to see him for who he is and not the way the world sees him. To win his heart, she must break down his walls and offer him her trust. Once she does this, he’ll be hers forever.   

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Virgo desires a deep thinker

The Virgo man wants so much more than an attractive looking woman. He wants someone who has a mind of her own and throws topics of philosophical significance at him. A woman with a beautiful mind is someone who he’d love to show off to the world.

Libra craves for a heart of gold

One of the most important qualities a Libra man wants in a woman is sensitivity. He likes a woman who consciously puts others first over herself. If she’s kind and gentle to others, he knows that she would treat him with the same level of care and respect once they’re married.

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Scorpio values honesty

Never ever lie to a Scorpio because they won’t appreciate it. If you’re dreaming of a future with him, you need to earn his trust first. Initially, he can be a difficult because the Scorpio man wants to be sure of what he’s getting into. Give him his space and in time, he will come around.

Sagittarius needs an independent woman

The archer is a charming personality. He is always fun to be around with and is instantly attracted to a smart, independent woman. He wants a lady who can keep up with his busy lifestyle. She should be able to share the same views as him and question his beliefs from time to time. If she’s funny, it’s an added bonus.

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Capricorn lives for passion

Before getting into a relationship with a Capricorn man, you must know that he’s committed to his work first. After all, he’s passionate about his profession and tends to invest most his time and energy into achieving his targets. He needs a woman who understands his goals and supports him. Someone who’s wild in the bedroom and is able to keep him on his toes at all times!   

Aquarius fancies a free-spirited woman

Dating a rebellious, strong woman is an Aquarius man’s biggest fantasy. He admires and respects a woman who has her head on her shoulders and is determined to chase her dreams. As soon as he recognises these qualities in his lady love, he’ll make sure to go down on his knees and ask her to be his wife.   

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Pisces is ALL about romance

Dating a Pisces man? That’s great! This guy makes a wonderful husband because he’s generous, kind and loyal. Never will he do anything to hurt you and will try his best to keep you happy at all times. What he expects from you in return is your love. Don’t try to change him, but on the contrary, motivate and encourage him to do the impossible.

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