#POPxoReviews: This Is The Only Hand Cream You Need To Make Your Dry Skin Feel Super Soft

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 10, 2021
The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream review




A few ways to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic is to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and use a hand sanitiser. Speaking of the latter, most of them in the market are alcohol-based. This ingredient does kill germs but it also dries out the skin and makes it rough. I usually followed it up by applying hand cream- but that somehow didn’t help either. It only made things worse!

Yes, the hand cream made my skin feel moisturised, but also terribly sticky at the same time. I longed for a hand cream that sanitized, moisturised, and soothed my dry skin. Months after, a friend introduced me to the WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream by MyGlamm and I was sold.

Frankly, it doesn’t get better than this. Let me tell you why.

What Is It?

The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream by MyGlamm helps to nourish, soften and moisturise the hands. It has a rich, creamy texture, and a pleasant fragnance of cinnamon and rosemary oil. The cocoa butter ingredient in it keeps the hands smooth and soft. It’s also infused with tea tree oil, cinnamon oil and lemon oil that helps to fight germs. Did you know that this hand cream is cruelty-free and does not have parabens, sulfates or toxins? Yep, it’s pretty awesome!

Why Do We Love It?

Unlike other hand creams, this one does not make my hands sticky but gets easily absorbed into my skin. It also smells divine and puts me in a good mood each time I use it. Plus, the tube that it comes in is travel-friendly and lightweight to carry around. 


Long-Lasting – 9/10

Packaging – 9/10

Formula – 8/10

How Do You Use It?

After washing your hands or using a hand sanitiser, squeeze a small amount of product onto your palms and massage it all over your hands. 

Note: Don’t just restrict the product only to your hands, apply it on your elbows and arms as well. 

What Does The Product Look Like?

The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream product flat lay

Author’s Own

The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream review

Author’s Own

The WIPEOUT Germ Killing Hand Cream product

Author’s Own

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Ever since I started using this hand cream, I don’t see myself using another product anytime soon. It does everything and more than what a hand cream product is expected to do. It protects my skin from germs, moisturises it, and makes it smell hella good! It’s the best.

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