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The War Of Words Between Karan-Tejasswi’s Families Has Us Worried About #TejRan’s Future

This has been a tough week for Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra in the Bigg Boss 15 house. The two have been fighting non-stop and engaging in some emotionally wrecking exchanges. Just yesterday, we saw Teja questioning Karan’s love while she herself tried to make sense of what was happening. As you can tell, #TejRan are going through a rough patch in their relationship and it is breaking our hearts to see them fall apart. Sadly, things are not working in the couple’s favour outside the BB house as well ‘coz their families have resorted to mudslinging now. It has gotten ugly to the extent that we are getting really skeptical about the survival of their relationship after the reality show gets over.

It all started earlier this week after Karan’s sister, Meenu Kundrra started to tweet against Tejasswi. She was clearly miffed with the couple’s fight and the fact that her brother looked visibly shaken by everything that was happening in the house. Things went too far when a fan on Twitter expressed concern for Karan. “He has not eaten for more than 24 hours. Worried for his health. Is it possible for you to do something,” they wrote. Neetu replied to the tweet by writing, “He’ll be fine hun! He’s only clearing his system of all the garbage and fake love to make room for Karan Neeti!!,” thus insinuating that Teja is not good for her brother.


Obviously, the comment did not sit well with Tejasswi’s family and her brother responded to it by asking Meenu to mind her language. “She is standing with her “people” right from Day 1. And when she takes a stand for herself, she’s called TRASH! How fair is that? Only if we could think before using such language…She’s my sister, a daughter, a woman! Let’s maintain dignity! #TejasswiPrakash #TejasswiIsTheBoss,” he wrote in a fitting response.



NGL, Meenu’s distasteful comment has left us pretty surprised as well given that Tejasswi has always stood for Karan in the house. This is the first time that she has decided to play for herself and that obviously seems to be ruffling a lot of feathers. It is beyond us as to why Meenu had to make such a disrespectful comment on Tejasswi when she could have very well supported Karan without attacking her on social media. This actually speaks a lot about our incessant expectations from women as romantic partners and our never-ending itch to interfere in the love lives of our family members.

Even the most non-committal of the Bigg Boss viewers can tell that #TejRan would be together in no time and that’s exactly what is happening in the Live Feed right now. It escapes us how Meenu does not understand her brother even that much and yet field confident enough to constantly tweet against his girlfriend even after knowing what she means to him. Here’s hoping that she stops with the rampage right now or it would be very difficult for #TejRan to survive outside of the house amid so much friction from their families.

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24 Dec 2021

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