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The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway!

One of Delhi’s favourite escapades, the Neemrana Fort-Palace is perfect for all special occasions. Be it a romantic getaway, a family trip or a weekend with friends, the Neemrana Fort-Palace offers an unforgettable experience. The 15th-century heritage hotel takes you back in time and opens the chapters of history for you.

If you’re planning to visit this palace, we have the ultimate guide for you from its history and architecture to what to do when you get here. Read more and plan that long weekend getaway!


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Neemrana Fort-Package

The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Fort


History Of Neemrana Fort-Palace

The Neemrana Fort-Palace is located on a hillock and offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and lush greens. Among India’s oldest heritage resort hotels, Neemrana Fort-Palace was built in 1464 AD. It got its name from a valiant local chieftain named Nimola Meo.

The Neemrana Fort-Palace became the third capital of the descendants of Prithviraj Chauhan III, who had fled Delhi in 1192 after he was vanquished in battle by Muhammad Ghori. The kingdom suffered during the British rule and slowly its ramparts began to give away.


In 1986, the ruins were acquired for restoration. A heritage resort today, it was a liability for 40 years for Raja Rajinder Singh of Neemrana, who tried to sell it but there were no takers. In 1991 Neemrana Fort Palace opened for the public with only 15 rooms. In 2000, the fort-palace won the Intach-Satte award for restoration and tourism for ‘being the foremost example of how we can pick architectural treasures from the national dustbin and turn them around.’ By 2008, Neemrana Fort-Palace was finally ready with 72 rooms and suites.

Rooms At Neemrana Fort-Palace

One of the oldest heritage luxury hotels, the Neemrana Fort-Palace is a beautiful amalgamation of history and modernity. Spread over six acres and 12 levels, the Fort-Palace has nine palace wings with 74 lavish Mahals that reflect its grandeur and heritage. Some of the most amazing beautiful at the hotel are the Deva Mahal, the Malabar Mahal, the Manak Mahal, the Surya Mahal, the Francisi Mahal and the Sheesh Mahal. The other accommodation options in the palace have grand suites, garden rooms, rooftop tent, grand rooms and small rooms, which are priced from Rs 4,500 to Rs 10,000 per night.


We have picked top 15 rooms for you!

  • Deva Mahal
    This is the grandest suite at the Neemrana Fort-Palace. It has a huge private terrace and balcony. What will surprise you is the 200-year-old bed from Malabar country in the bedroom. 
    Price per night: Rs 35,000 upwards
    The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Deva mahal
  • Surya Mahal
    The grand 16th-century durbar hall of the Neemrana Fort-Palace is named after the sun. This room has been made above the area where the royal ladies once watched the proceedings of an all-male court. Book this room to enjoy the views of the sunset from its west-facing terrace.
    Price per night: Rs 16,500 upwards
  • Francisi Mahal
    A deluxe suite, Francisi Mahal (French Colonial Palace) has two queen sized beds and can accommodate four people. It has a Pondicherry-like feel to the room.
    Price per night: Rs 16,500 onwards
  • Manak Mahal
    Manak Mahal (Ruby Palace) is in the oldest mid-15th-century wing. Its terrace overlooks the garden court and has a small balcony overlooking the pool, where you can have your first cup of tea in the morning.
    Price per night: Rs 15,000 onwards
  • Malabar Mahal
    This room is a grand suite with a massive wooden rafter above. It is decorated in the style of a coastal Kerala palace. All its art is from the Malabar. It has an interesting corridor made from a Kerala boat that leads to an old-fashioned bathroom.
    Price per night: Rs 15,000 onwards
    The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Malabar Mahal
  • Sheesh Mahal
    A deluxe suite, Sheesh Mahal has a mirrored-mosaic on the ceiling that gives it a royal feel. It has an indigo-blue corridor and one washroom with a bathtub and jacuzzi.
    Price per night: Rs 15,000 onwards
  • Tulsi Mahal
    Also known as the Palace of Holy Basil, Tulsi Mahal is built over two levels. It has a balcony with a sitting area overlooking the village and fort. The back side of Tulsi Mahal overlooks a fountain court once used only by Maharanis.
    Price per night: Rs 12,500 onwards
  • Dakshin Mahal
    A small suite with two single beds, Dakshin Palace has stunning views of the sunset as well as the evening illuminations of the Fort-Palace. It has tangerine and white curtains that complement the sofa set with similar hues.
    Price per night: Rs 12,500 onwards
  • Kesar Mahal
    Kesar Mahal (Saffron Palace) is a suite which has a small sitting area in the room. The decor is full of shades of saffron and tangerine. It lies in the oldest wing of the palace.
    Price per night: Rs 12,500 onwards
  • Neelam Mahal
    A duplex suite, Neelam Mahal (Blue Sapphire Palace) has one double bed and has walls marked in a grid of geometric art.
    Price per night: Rs 12,500 onwards
    The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Neelam mahal
  • Gulab Mahal
    Named after the rose, Gulab Mahal has two balconies with a hill view and a bathroom in pink marble.
    Price per night: Rs 10,000 onwards
  • Shringar Mahal
    This is a small, rooftop room. It offers interesting views from tiny windows and is ideal if you’re travelling on a budget.
    Price per night: Rs 7,400 onwards
  • Geru Mahal
    Book the French-inspired Geru Mahal (Terracotta Palace) that features a terrace for splendid views of nature.
    Price per night: Rs 5,500 onwards
  • Barsat Mahal
    A small linear room with an antique Kerala door. It has a spectacular view of the village and the sunsets. It houses a foldable wash basin from a British train.
    Price per night: Rs 4,500 onwards
  • Mrig Mahal
    This tiny room, tucked between two floors of palaces, is named after the deer. It has a private terrace overlooking the village and the hills. This room has paintings by well-known contemporary Indian painters Vasudevan Akkitham and Anandajit Ray.
    Price per night: Rs 4,500 onwards
    The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Mrig mahal

Dining at Neemrana Fort Palace

The Neemrana Fort-Palace offers a variety of cuisines, but the local dishes such as Rajasthani thali, gatte ki sabzi, laas maas, lal batti churma are must-haves. The breakfast buffet has a mix of South Indian, French, Italian, Chinese and Thai dishes. There are six restaurants at the Fort-Palace: Holi Kund, Jalgiri Mahal, Kanak Mahal Restaurant, Uncha Bagh & Mukut Bagh, Raj, Mahal Bar and Maha Burj Restaurant. So, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining. 


Things To Do During Your Stay At Neemrana Fort-Palace

If you’re packing for a couple of days, bookmark this list of all the things you can do at the hotel and around it.

Cultural Events

The palace has an old world charm. The Neemrana Music Foundation organises cultural performances every weekend. Apart from our country’s leading musicians and dancers, even foreign artists perform here.


Take A Dip In The Pool

The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Pool

Go for a swim in the Raj Kund, the hotel’s pool on a plateau, and have drinks by the poolside at twilight. The fort lights up after sunset and you will see the twinkling of the city from this vantage point.


Spa Session

Awaken your senses at the Neemrana Spa that offers pampering treatments such as body scrubs, radiating body polishes and wraps, facial treatments and full-body massages. A must-try: Ayurvedic treatments designed to relax you. The spa uses exotic spices and yoghurt to tighten the skin and soothe your soul. Other than treatment and steam rooms, the spa also has an outdoor yoga area and a gymnasium.

Camel Ride

The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Camel


Take the help of Rajasthan’s favourite animal, camel, and explore the beautiful gardens and nearby villages. A ride for two costs Rs 500.

Zip Lining

Are you looking for adventure? Then zip line over the Aravallis and the heritage fort palace. The Neemrana Fort-Palace is the destination for India’s first heritage aerial adventure and it is a popular attraction for travellers. Organized by Flying Firefox, there are five zips that give you aerial tours of the area.


Zip 1: To Qila Slammer – 330m

It soars high along the crest of the Aravalli Mountains, launching from an old lookout point and flying towards an ancient hill fort, with spectacular views of the countryside.

Zip 2: Where Eagles Dare – 400m

The longest zip line, this one covers the entire side of the mountain overlooking the fort palace.


Zip 3: Pussy Galore – 90m

Named after one of Bond Girls, this zip may be short, but it’s rapid. If you’re feeling apprehensive about the experience, start with this and then graduate to the others.

Zip 4: “Goodbye Mr. Bond…”- 250m

Continuing the Bond theme, this one a super fast zip line.


Zip 5: The Big B- 175m

This zip was named in honour of Amitabh Bachchan, who once zipped from this very spot into the Fort-Palace during the shoot of Major Saab.

Prices: Rs 1,900 for adult; Rs1,700 student/child
Book here.


Masti Mahal

Masti Mahal is a play zone for kids. From toys, puzzles, small swings, blocks to games, it has everything that would amuse the little ones.

Audio-Video Tour Of The Palace

History buffs would love this: Dig a little deeper and get to know about the history of the fort with a multimedia tour. The cost per person is Rs 250.


Vintage Car Ride

The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Vintage Car

Guests at Neemrana Fort-Palace can enjoy a five-kilometer vintage car ride around the Neemrana village for just Rs 1,200 (for up to four people). It is available exclusively for the hotel guests.


Shopping At Neemrana Fort-Palace

Pick knick-knacks and souvenirs for friends and family back home from the Neemrana Shop that offers jewellery, bags, clothes and much more.

Neemrana Fort Package

Delhi Neemrana Weekend Tour

This two-night, three-day package is ideal for any long weekend getaway you may be planning. Visit Neemrana Fort-Palace and stay in one of the 74 tastefully-decorated rooms, enjoy breakfast buffets, go for a village walk, pamper yourself with a spa treatment, and try ziplining and camel rides during your stay. You can even take a drive in a vintage car during your stay.


Price: Rs 14,850 for two people.

Book here.


Frequently Asked Questions About Neemrana Fort-Palace

What Is The Entry Fee?

The cost per person for an entry ticket is around Rs 1,900 which includes a lunch buffet. Since the lunch is optional, you can skip it, and buy a ticket for Rs 500 on a weekday and Rs 750 on a weekend.

What Are The Timings?

The timings to visit the fort-palace on a weekday are 9 am to 5 pm and on weekends, 12 noon to 3 pm. Expect a crowd for long weekends. However, you can also stay the night in one of the stunning suites or rooms of the palace.


The Ultimate Guide To Neemrana Fort-Palace For A Perfect Weekend Getaway- Holi Kund

How To Reach Neemrana Fort Palace?

Neemrana Fort Palace is about 106 kilometres from New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. You can take the NH 48 to Jaipur and reach the palace in two hours. You can also reach the palace by taking a train to Alwar from New Delhi Railway Station, which is about 120 kilometers, and reach in two and a half hours.


What Is The Best Time To Visit Neemrana Fort-Palace?

Since Neemrana is set amidst greenery, the weather is pleasant through the year. But the ideal time to visit is between July and March. The monsoon is quite soothing and the winter season is lovely.

Which Are The Films Shot At Neemrana Fort-Palace?

Parts of Amitabh Bachchan and Ajay Devgn’s Major Saab was filmed here. In addition, Dil Se and Qila also have featured the property.


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