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Love Your Curls? Here’s The Right Way To Part Your Hair For Extra Volume!

Love Your Curls? Here’s The Right Way To Part Your Hair For Extra Volume!

Curly hair has a mood of its own. On some days it looks like Julia Robert’s hair in ‘Pretty Woman’ and on other days, it fluffs up like Anne Hathaway’s hair from ‘The Princess Diaries’. Unlike other hair textures, curly hair is sensitive and reactive to a bunch of things like heat, humidity, styling tools, curling creams and other hair care products. Taming wild, frizzy curls is like fighting with a grizzly bear. Combs break, bobby pins get sacrificed and hair ties snap! And parting curly hair is a different ball game altogether! 

How To Part Curly Hair When It’s Semi-Dry

Yes, curly hair is a task to deal with, but once you find your way around it, living with it gets better. While parting your curly hair is easier when it’s wet, you shouldn’t rely only on that option. Constantly exposing your curls to water can dry out your strands. Hence, it’s important to learn how to part curly hair when it’s semi-dry. Just use a water hair spray and you’re good to go.

1. Befriend The Tail Comb

There’s a fine difference between semi-dry curls and frizzy dry curls. If you have the latter, then you may need to apply a little leave-in conditioner on your curls and twist the ends around. Then, use the tail of the comb to part your hair. 

Note: If your curls are semi-dry but smooth and manageable, you don’t have to use a hair product. Just your tail comb to part your hair should be fine. 

2. Diffuser For The Win


Do you know what’s cooler than a hairdryer for curly hair? A diffuser, of course! The diffuser’s job is to protect your curls from the heat and the frizz. Plus, it makes your curls bouncy and voluminous. All you have to do is flip your hair from side to side and use your diffuser and hold each side for 30 seconds. With frizz and knots out of the way, you’ll be able to style and part your hair easily. 

3. Use Your Digits!

No, no! Not your phone number, but your fingers! Don’t just make a neat line parting with your fingers, you’ve got to create a zig-zag line. A straight middle parting won’t make the cut because curls will start to look flat and limp. Make a zig-zag line to give the illusion of more volume. There, you’re done!


At the end of the day, curls are just like any other hair type. They only require more attention and love from you!

Featured Image: Unsplash

28 Jul 2020

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