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As CBSE Announces 2020 Results, Netizens Share Their Own Board Exam ‘Failures’ On Twitter

As CBSE Announces 2020 Results, Netizens Share Their Own Board Exam ‘Failures’ On Twitter

I remember how stressed I felt when I had just graduated from class 11 and entered class 12. The whole debate around ‘topping’ the class 12 board exams and getting through the ‘best’ college in Delhi University took a severe toll on my mental health. Everybody spoke about what a ‘bright’ future we would have if we achieved those things. Nobody talks about what happens if you don’t–because failure is never an option. 

Spoiler alert: I did not get through DU, neither did I get the best grades in class 12. But if you ask me whether I’d want to change anything about that today, my answer would be no. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough adults who tell their children that they can have happy, successful lives even if they don’t do well in their board exams. However, things seem to slowly but surely be changing. Ever since netizens have become more vocal about such topics on social media, it has become easier to talk to kids and tell them that it’s okay. Grades don’t matter. Because there’s so much more to life and success than your board marksheet. 


Here’s what ‘failure’ means to different people

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announced the dreaded board exam results for class 10 and 12 yesterday, which sparked a thread on Twitter about what ‘failure’ means to different people. While some were absolutely hilarious, others were super relatable. Here are some of our favourite picks:


Revenge is a dish served cold?

Get it?

Clearly, it’s easy to prove them wrong!

Here are a few more funny Tweets that caught our attention!

In a welcome move, the CBSE has decided to omit the word ‘failure’ from the 10th and 12th board mark sheets and has come up with a sensitive alternative word– ‘essential repeat’. So your board exams will no longer put students through mental stress of failure. We’re glad that the board has finally acknowledged that low marks don’t mean that you’re a ‘failure’.

So, if your relatives are calling you to know your score and making you uncomfortable about your grades, don’t fret. Use one of these punchlines and get it over with.

Repeat after me: the number on my marksheet does NOT determine my worth. 

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14 Jul 2020

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