Haircuts for long hair: Keep it pretty, ladies!

Priyanka GhuraPriyanka Ghura  |  May 5, 2016
Haircuts for long hair: Keep it pretty, ladies!


Ladies, as much as we love long hair, it’s easy to for your mane to border on boring when you’ve got so much length. So we help you get out of that boring haircut for long hair with the prettiest haircuts for long hairKeep your gorgeous length with a cool, non-boring style for flip-worthy, enviable locks. Go on and let down your hair, Rapunzel.

1. Simple, Subtle And Sexy

haircuts for long hair Show me a girl who couldn’t help but lust after Jennifer Aniston’s hair in FRIENDS! Even her simple long hair showed us how flattering long layers can be. Keep your layers long, they should begin between your chin and shoulder – it’s a haircut for long hair that flatters any hair texture and face shape.. Also Read: 7 Fab (And Easy) Hairstyles To Give Volume To Fine Hair!

2. Va Va Volume

Long hair has a tendency to fall flat because the length weighs it down. Layers around your crown and chin help add plenty of volume on top. With a haircut for long hair like this, you can also backcomb your crown for gorgeous bouffant-like volume that’s so retro-esque.

3. Bang It!

haircuts for long hair We told you full bangs are so hot this year, and a statement fringe is perfect for changing up a boring look instantly. If you don’t want to flat iron your bangs all the time, don’t worry, texturized bangs are totally having their moment in 2016. So scrunch your haircut for long hair to be totally on trend and never run the risk of looking boring again! Also read: The HOTTEST Haircuts Of 2016… That Look Good On Regular People!

4. Front Layers For Fine Hair

Heavy layers around the face and few ones at the back is super flattering, especially if you have fine hair as it brings plenty of weight and volume to otherwise wispy strands. The best part about face-framing layers is that you can place them strategically to flatter your face shape. For an oval and heart-shaped face, the haircut for long hair should start at the cheekbones, for a square shape they should start above them, and for a round face below the cheekbones.

5. Choppy, Unblended Layers

haircuts for long hair Love the slightly messy, straight-out-of bed look? We do too! It’s sexy and has an effortless charm to it. For the trendy bed head haircut for long hair, talk to your stylist about choppy, rough layers. These are unlike regular layers that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your strands. Ask her to texturize the ends for loads of movement as well. It’s an edgier style and looks great on wavy locks.

6. Super Long, Long Hair

Really want cascading, Rapunzel-esque locks? Then hair that is mostly one length – except for a few layers around the face – is the trick. Such cute haircuts for long hair look best on hair of medium thickness; avoid it if you have fine hair as it runs the risk of looking too limp. Tapered ends are also a great idea to avoid it looking too heavy.

7. Gorgeous Tight Curls

haircuts for long hair Want voluminous, natural curls? You need beautifully blended round layers across your head. They should be in the middle, that’s where the majority of the volume should be; definitely not on top but from the mid lengths to ends. This haircuts for girls are perfect for wild curls that are oh-so-gorgeous. Images: Shutterstock