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9 Women Revealed The Perfumes That Make Them Smell Expensive!

9 Women Revealed The Perfumes That Make Them Smell Expensive!

One of the biggest trends of 2024 has been perfumes. But it’s not just about smelling good anymore; the focus is now on finding that one novel scent that defines your style, personality and ambitions. That’s a lot of pressure for a single product, and I’ve been searching for my signature scent for the better part of last year.

Honestly, when I find the perfume that makes me smell like an ethereal badass, it’s over for you all, but for inspiration, I asked a few people from my team what their favourite scents are – and here’s what everyone had to say.

Nidhi Kavle, Beauty Editor

“I love perfumes, so I have a few favourites. I’m not going to choose from them, so here are a few that I wear and layer every day. First up is the YSL Libre, an absolute compliment magnet. I also really love the Kayali Vanilla Coco because of its super long-lasting scent—it just smells like a vanilla dessert! The last favourite has to be the Carolina Herrera Good Girl. It makes me feel super sexy and confident—great for date nights.”

Sneha Kalra, Junior Editor

“My favourite has to be the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 71 Caramelized Vanilla & Toasted Macadamia Perfume Mist – I know it’s a mouthful, but the scent is warm, inviting and makes me smell like a vanilla cupcake. Honestly, that’s all I need in a perfume.”


Mansukh Julka, Assistant Manager, Social Media

“My favourite perfume is the Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Mist. It makes me smell like juicy fruit, and honestly, that’s just my vibe.”

Vedika Negi, Writer

“My go-to scents are usually fresh, clean and very feminine. I have an extensive collection, but my favourites are Sheer Beauty and ONE by Calvin Klein.

Tanushri Joon, Social Media Executive

“Favourite perfume? I loveee L’Imperatrice by Dolce & Gabbana. It’s floral and aquatic, with notes of pink pepper and gorgeous jasmine. It’s very romantic and girly.”

Isha Kohli, Senior Social Media Manager

“Two of my go-to’s are Moi by Nykaa Raison D’Etre Eau de Perfume and the iconic Victoria Secret Bombshell Seduction. There’s a reason they’re so popular, and I understand the hype.”


Arshia Taneja, Social Media Specialist

“Hmm…favourite perfumes? I have to say the Givenchy L’Interdit Eau De Parfum and the Chanel N°5 Eau De Parfum For Women. Clean scents that stay on for hours!”

Manya Ailawadi, Senior Writer

“I love Into The Night by Bath and Body Works. Although I’m very sensitive to most fragrances, this one is quite mild and crisp—not too overwhelming and very gentle.”

Aadrika Sominder, Junior Writer

“I love the Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, but when I run out, I switch it up to the White Musk Fragrance Mist. Both are super clean and refreshing scents with little hints of tea, making for a sharp sensory experience. Primarily smells like freshly plucked jasmine flowers on a windy day!”

Whether it’s the allure of a dessert-inspired mist or the confidence boost from a classic eau de parfum, each choice mirrors a facet of our team’s identity. 2024 is the year of personal scents; we’d love to know your favourites!


Featured Image: Unsplash

21 Mar 2024

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