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*This* Is The Perfect Haircut According To Your Hair Type!

*This* Is The Perfect Haircut According To Your Hair Type!

Ladies, one should never underestimate the power of a good haircut. It makes the world of a difference to your look and can keep bad hair days at bay. While we have written about haircuts according to the face shape, here, we give you the perfect haircut according to your hair type. Have a look, ladies, and book that hair appointment now!


1. For a frizzy mane – short hair, with layers at the bottom

Most of us know how painful frizzy hair can be. The best way to tame it is to get the right kind of haircut that ensures your hair looks healthy and set at all times. Ask your stylist for shoulder-grazing hair and layers at the bottom to add to the body of your mane as too-long locks can look unhealthy at the ends as well as be difficult to manage. Go for it, ladies, and we know you won’t be disappointed.

2. Curly and unruly hair? Go for a cutesy bob/lob!

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Curly hair can look so adorbs when paired with a bob or a lob! This sort of haircut is not only easy to maintain, but it also makes the locks look super healthy and so chic. If you must, you can even add a layer or two at the bottom to ensure those curls frame your face perfectly!

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3. Thin hair – any length but minimal layers, please

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Adding volume to the hair is the main concern for those with thin hair. One way to make your hair look fuller is to have medium-length tresses that aren’t styled in too many layers. Layers tend to thin out the hair further towards the ends and that clearly isn’t something you’d want. The key is, no matter what the hair length, make it a point to go for minimal layers, if at all.

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4. Thick and straight hair? Steps all the way, ladies!

You have a range of amazing haircuts to choose from if you’re blessed with thick and straight hair. The perfect haircut would be, medium to long hair and a mane that has oodles of steps. The steps can start along the ear or chin-length and go right to the bottom. This will give a lovely bounce to your tresses and make them look uber stylish!

5. Thick and wavy hair – medium length, with a few layers

Thick hair is awesome, but when it’s wavy and unruly, it can be quite a difficult hair type to handle. Your best bet, in this case, would be to go for medium length cut and some layers at the bottom to tame it down a tad. It looks well styled and set this way. Give it a shot, won’t you?

17 Aug 2017

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