This Online Platform Allows You To Have Your Whole Life In One Place!

Akanksha BhatiaAkanksha Bhatia  |  Apr 1, 2018
This Online Platform Allows You To Have Your Whole Life In One Place!

Recently, we celebrated four successful years of POPxo. We sat down to discuss all that an Indian girl wants, and how we can we help? And voila! That’s how your POPxo feed became the one-stop destination for your daily needs. Our readers deserve nothing but the best! From booking a cab to ordering food, POPxo has you covered. Don’t believe me? Check out everything we have to offer. 

1. Period Tracker

Periods can be hard, but unexpected ones are worse! Track your date and stay prepared for the most important week of your month. POPxo has just introduced a sassy period tracker who’ll love to be your guide through the rough days. Say hello to Gulabo

01 popxo feed

2. Book a Cab

No more switching apps to book a cab, POPxo has a widget that’ll direct you to the booking page and you’re all sorted! It’ll even remind you to book a cab when you’re headed out for the day. How convenient is that? 

3. Order Food

Do you ever read a food-related story, on POPxo, that leaves you super hungry? Fret not because we have Swiggy on the new POPxo website and app. You can order immediately and satisfy those hunger pangs. 

4. Daily Horoscope 

Wondering what is in store for your future? You’ll get a daily update of your horoscope and trust me, it’s always spot on! It’s the best start to my day. 

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5. A New BFF 

Pia will become your guide as you soul search your way through the new POPxo website and app. She’s the BFF you didn’t know you needed as she takes care of your day like a pro. 

6. Q & A 

Daily dilemmas are a thing of the past, ask away on the POPxo feed and you’ll always find your answer. From relationship questions to body troubles, find the solution here. 

7. Easier Decisions 

Confused about the shoes you need to buy this season? Or a staple denim shirt? Ask away on the POPxo app as our readers vote on the one they think looks the best. 

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App users, you’ll be seeing the change soon!

Know more about your period by tracking it on Gulabo, the POPxo period tracker.