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Ditch The Mithai Ka Dabba & Gift Your Loved Ones These Luxe Wellness Products This Diwali

Ditch The Mithai Ka Dabba & Gift Your Loved Ones These Luxe Wellness Products This Diwali

We all have that one friend or family member who knew about celery juice, acai bowls, matcha, and boutique fitness classes before they were trending in the wellness space. Whether your giftee is crystal curious, always researching the latest supplements, or all into self-massaging devices – there’s nothing like self-care and wellness gifts, especially in 2021. Wellness gifts are a great way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking of them, and that they should take a moment to think about themselves. 

In our minds, gift-giving is all about the wow factor. We love watching someone open a present and look totally blown away by its content. The upside when it comes to shopping for this friend or family member? There are tons of wellness gifts to choose from. The downside? There are tons (and we mean tons) of gifts to choose from! If you relish the feeling of giving a lovely gift to your loved one, keep scrolling for some super fancy wellness offerings to give this year. The options are so covetable, you might just buy two for yourself. 

14 Incredible Wellness Gifts To Give Your Loved Ones


To Hydrate And Plump The Hell Out Of Your Skin

This body serum is honestly just as nourishing and hydrating as a rich body cream. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid to draw moisture to the skin, panthenol ( you may know It as vitamin B5) for optimal skin cell function, and antioxidant-rich blue algae to keep her glowing from head to toe. 

For A Lit-From-Within Glow

Skincare products and tools can go far, but for a lit-from-within glow, you might need a supplement to complement your skin healing. This powder, which can be had dissolved in water or in a smoothie, contains vegan protein to promote growth and repair, pearl powder to stimulate collagen production, sea buckthorn which helps boost skin hydration and curb acne. 

To Brighten And Sculpt

Don’t know the inventory of your friend’s skincare stash? You can’t go wrong with this multi-masking kit. It’ll help maximize her skincare routine while simultaneously getting everything done like the boss she is. This unique combo of two masks with complementary performances work to brighten & shape the face.

This One’s Next-Level Cool

Don’t let the simplicity fool you – the angled shape carves out flabby arms, thighs, saggy breasts, and butts to stimulate fibroblasts in your skin, which in turn produces collagen. It feels like your skin is buzzing and twitching as the device gets to work stimulating the muscle fibres. Use it atop a lotion and expect to see tighter, glowing skin in just 10 minutes. 

You Glow Girl!

No, we’ll probably never give up on our beloved jade roller, but there’s another skincare tool we can’t stop thinking about: the beauty coin. This flat facial tool is praised near and far for its ability to impart a luminous glow you didn’t even know existed, chisel out cheekbones, and whack up the dial on skin brightness. 

For Gorgeous Hair And Skin

Real talk: your bedding can affect your looks. Yes, we’re referring to your pillowcase and the fabric it’s made out of. Nothing against cosy cotton and linens, but for gorgeous skin and hair, silk takes top marks. That said, believe the hype about this buzzy option. 

Prepare To Feel Zen

If the lucky recipient loves indulging in skincare, she’ll legit love this product. Once she masters the art of rolling, this is a game-changer. Put this electric jade roller in the fridge 15 minutes before using it and combine it with a face serum to take full advantage of its sculpting, toning, and lifting powers. 

Perf For A Skincare Devotee

Stressed? This calming face mask will do the trick. Soothing face masks have a way of encouraging both you and your skin to unwind. Thus, leaving it with a dewy glow. TBH, the best part of slapping on a mask is not just the mask itself. Rather, it’s the fact that you’ve time to settle in, grab a mask-safe-snack and give in to the ritual’s soothing process. 

To Turn The Bathroom Into A Spa

Lean into feminine energy and give your giftee this indulgent shower kit. This trio cleanses and replenishes the skin with the prowess of this pure 24 Karat Gold infused formula. Together, these iconic Soundarya Beauty Products lend a golden glow and silky smooth finish to the skin, when used regularly.

For Addictively Soft-Feeling Skin

If you love a warm, comforting vanilla fragrance, the Brazilian line is the one to call on. It smells oh-so-divine and the fragrance lingers on all day. It’s the perfect fragrance for winter, feels like a warm hug!

Get, Set, Glow

If 2020 and 2021 have shown us anything, it’s that we need to treat our skin with some extra love. This cutesy combo comes with a body scrub, shower cream, body butter and a hand cream that will soothe and hydrate skin and keep it looking and feeling its best. The MVPs? Almond milk and honey, of course. 

Filters Are Great, But Great Skin Is Better!

If you really want your loved one to cry happy tears, give the gift of this cult-loved skincare brand. Or hey, if you’ve been eyeing the Kiehl’s skincare kit all year, we say it’s time to gift it to yourself. 

The Cult-Loved Kit

There’s no shortage of beauty maven who loves anything and everything that L’occitane comes out with. This featured 5 of the OG products that caught our eye: their top-rated shower gel, incredible body lotion, a hand cream and a scent. This kit is great for anyone looking to up their skincare ante. 

The All-Rounder

For the absolute bang for your buck, get this Kama Ayurveda gift set, which includes their best-selling products including the hair cleanser, rose water as well as bringadi thailam. It’d be a big mistake not to get it. Big. Huge. 

Okay, if you’re looking to really pamper your loved ones but are bound by a budget, this set of three sheet masks is perf. There’s no such thing as too many masks now is there?

It’s time to be the best gift-giver of all damn time!

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02 Nov 2021

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