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#LustList: 8 *Gorgeous* Shoes You’ll Want To Splurge On!

#LustList: 8 *Gorgeous* Shoes You’ll Want To Splurge On!

Footwear seduces our minds and empties our wallets! Apart from diamonds, every girl loves her shoe collection and would do anything to get her hands on some iconic shoes which cost an arm and a leg. There’s no argument when it comes to shoes being a major part of your outfit after all, shoe love really is true love! With the continuously changing trends, one may be quite tempted to pick up a new pair very often. But if you want to make a major investment in your shoe collection, here’s a list of shoes every woman should have on her lust list!

1. Manolo Blahnik Satin Pumps

1. Most expensive shoes

If you don’t know how a Manolo looks, all we can say is that it’s characteristic of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City. The satin pumps with a crystal buckle are one of the most iconic shoes of all times and a must have on every girl’s lust list!

Price: Approx Rs. 2.9 Lacs

2. Miu Miu

2. Most expensive shoes - Miu Miu

It’s one of the most expensive shoe brands in the world and has a very eclectic style. If pink and gold ankle boots is what you’re looking for, Miu Miu is where you need to head. They were the first ones to introduce stylish and luxurious ankle shoes to the world. The pink and gold metallic ankle boots are the most famous starting at $500 and go up to thousands of dollars.

Price: Approx Starting at  Rs. 31,980 upwards

3. Christian Louboutin

3. Most expensive shoes - Christian Louboutin

When you spot heels with a red sole you know it’s a Louboutin. This is the signature work of the brand and what makes it even more popular. The most expensive collection, Sexy Strass was launched in 2013. Who wouldn’t love to get their hands on one these Sexy Strass Swarovski Crystal Peep Toe Stilettos? We know we most definitely would!

Price: Approx Rs. 2 Lacs

4. Jimmy Choo

4. Most expensive shoes - Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo has been making jaw-dropping shoes since the 1980’s and specializes mostly in high heels. What makes Jimmy Choo so famous is that they deliver style, quality and durability in their shoes. Their collection named “Icons” in 2011 broke records and become one of the most famous styles. These would surely make it to your lust list!

Price: Approx Rs. 2.4 Lacs

5. Brian Atwood

5. Most expensive shoes - Brian Atwood

Italy based designer Brian Atwood follows the methodology of making great shoes for women who can’t walk in heels or don’t want heels. To cater to the same, this footwear brand provides customized shoes made according to the requirements of the individual. Isn’t that just awesome?

Price: Approx Rs 33,576 and upwards  

6. Stuart Weitzman

6. Most expensive shoes - Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman holds the world record of making the world’s most expensive shoes worth $3 million! The brand is famous for using materials which are rare and hard to find including – cork, diamonds, platinum and 25-carat gold. This makes his shoes unique! The Rita Hayworth Hollywood Heels are one of the most iconic and expensive style of heels and would make it your lust list!

Price: Approx Rs 19 Lacs

7. Sophia Webster

7. Most Expensive shoes - Sophia Webster

Have you ever seen these gorgeous heels with the angel wing motif and wondered who actually makes them? The shoe designer Sophia Webster is the genius behind the unique collection. Being one of a kind, wearing these would make you stand out in a crowd.

Price: Approx Rs. 48,000

8. Alexander McQueen

8. Most expensive shoes - Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander McQueen is remembered for his unique designs and the Armadillo shoes are a great example. They are the most iconic shoes ever created by the visionary designer. Only 21 pairs were created for spring/summer 2010, making them a rare find. The shoe is shaped like a shell with a soaring heel to give the illusion of a ballerina standing on point. Lady Gaga made them extremely popular when she wore them in her “Bad Romance” video.

Price: Approx Rs. 6.4 Lacs

So if you’re looking to make a fabulous investment in your wardrobe, keep this list handy, lovelies!

11 Aug 2017

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