Light Up: The Ideal Lighting For When You’re Putting On Make-Up!

Manavi SiddhantiManavi Siddhanti  |  Mar 22, 2018
Light Up: The Ideal Lighting For When You’re Putting On Make-Up!

There have been so many times when I’m just not happy with my make-up and the realisation occurs the moment I sit in my cab. No, it’s not me being unnecessarily critical about my blending skills, it’s the lighting. Lack of light or improper lighting in your room can make a huge difference to the way your make-up turns out. So I took it upon myself to tell you the basics of lighting, how to make the most of natural lighting and a few helpful hacks for when you’re using your phone as a mirror.

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Stay away from fluorescent tube lights. Your electricity bill might be lower but it might definitely affect your make-up application skills. Since the tube is so unflattering, chances are you might overdo your base, blush or contour.

No more downlighting. Imagine a torchlight hitting your face. Not only do you look scary but it also casts shadows which could possibly send you into an overdrive with wrinkle creams.

Look for natural light in your room. I have two windows and my bathroom gets plenty of light, so I usually tend to move to these places, especially when I’m applying foundation. After all, putting your make-up on in natural light is the best way to know how it’s going to look when you step outside.

Get a white LED light. On days it’s too hot (or cloudy) a warm white light, like an LED, is a good option. When getting it installed, steer away from top or bottom of the mirror. Instead, make sure it’s on the eye level. The light will hit all parts of your face, ensuring you bring your A-game to the table.

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Install the right mirror. If you’re interested in re-doing your WC, invest in a mirror that comes with LED strips. They usually come with dimmers too. If not, a table-top will work as well.

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Invest in the right phone case. Sure, you want a cover to save your phone from a bad fall. But since so many of us do our touch-ups looking at our phones, investing in an LED phone cover may be ideal. Vetted by Kim K, LuMee Duo was the first launch in the segment of lit-up phone covers. Now there’s a whole segment of LED phone covers online. With back and front lighting options, your make-up will look perfect and so will your selfies.