Is Pollution Getting To You? These Are The Greenest Spots To Chill In Delhi!

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Jun 4, 2019
Is Pollution Getting To You? These Are The Greenest Spots To Chill In Delhi!


A city can be divided into multiple stories. While one story of Delhi includes traffic, pollution and congestion, the other story includes peaceful walks, delectable food and lots and lots of greenery. If you are tired of living in the air conditioning and walking in the polluted air, there are some least polluted areas in Delhi you can spend time at, for a calmer, quieter and healthier experience.

List Of Greener And Peaceful Places In Delhi

Want to live in a place where you can breathe fresh air? Here are some pollution free and peaceful places in Delhi that you must visit.

1. Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

1. Aravali Biodiversity Park  Gurgaon

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This park is a forest garden that celebrates forest flora native to Aravali range. The place is spread over 153.7 hectares and is perfect for picnics and walks with your family and loved ones. It’s a city forest where you can sit in quiet, talk and enjoy the view of the dense forest, different species of flora and fauna, birds like peacocks and ponds.

When deforestation and mining were causing too much destruction to the Aravalis, the Ministry of Environment and Forests declared few Aravali hills of Gurgaon gair mumkin pahad (uncultivated hills) in 1992. In 2011, the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon inaugurated the Biodiversity Park in collaboration with NGO ‘iamgurgaon’.

It’s closest to Guru Dronacharya Metro Station, has 4 km long cycling track and 3.5 km long jogger’s track. Not only that, to hold social events, the place also has a 500 seater amphitheatre. It’s a beautiful destination to enhance your skills if you are a photographer.

2. Lodhi Garden, Khan Market

2. Lodhi Garden  Khan Market

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A day spent around the archaic ruins of Lodhi Garden can actually be the most interesting picnic spot for your dear ones. It’s situated near Khan Market in Lodhi Road of South Delhi Lodhi Garden. It’s one of the least polluted areas in Delhi to visit in the daytime. You can enjoy a beautiful day with your partner while embracing the well-kept flower beds. There are a few food joints nearby that you can try including the Lodhi Gardens restaurant.

The garden is best known for attracting tourists and photographers. It’s a place where many Lodhi and Sayyid rulers were buried so that adds to the historical value of the place. Not just that, the garden and forts you’ll be enjoying was built apparently in the 15th century by Lodhi rulers during their reign. The place is not just for runners or walkers, it holds many photography workshops and marathons from time to time.

3. Green Patch From Subroto Park To Karol Bagh

3. Green Patch From Subroto Park To Karol Bagh

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Interested in morning walks, evening date walks, a refreshing run, picnics or biking? Explore the greenery from Subroto Park to Karol Bagh which runs parallel to Sardar Patel Marg. It’s beautiful, calming and safe!

4. Fio, Garden Of Five Senses, Saidul Ajaib

4. Fio  Garden Of Five Senses  Saidul Ajaib

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Fio is perfect for day dates. If a walk through the park or eating delicious food while you have the view of a park sounds like a good date to you, especially when your romance is budding, this is the place for you. The menu is filled with mouth-watering food options like sabundana vada, mini idlis and oats uttapam.

5. Buddha Garden, Dhaula Kuan

5. Buddha Garden  Dhaula Kuan

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Buddha Garden is one of the best gardens in Delhi which is in Dhaula Kuan and is another place couples swear by. It’s a secluded area so a bit of alertness is suggested. You would often find couples spending quality time in the park. To add to the romance, the lawns there are beautifully manicured.

6. Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village

6. Deer Park  Hauz Khas Village

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