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The Good, The Bad & The Fab: 16 Met Gala 2021 Looks That Have Our Full Attention ATM

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Sep 14, 2021
The Good, The Bad & The Fab: 16 Met Gala 2021 Looks That Have Our Full Attention ATM

If I knew just a little bit of ballet, I’d do a happy tip-toed twirl right now. Or maybe more. What can I say? Your girl’s elated. Met Gala has finally returned to New York after a hiatus of almost two years and so has all the red carpet glory that it is synonymous with. Guess, the long red carpet break really made some celebs rethink their style and it is aptly reflected in their sartorial choices this year. Amid just a couple of misses, the celebs have served us an endless array of jaw-dropping looks. If only we knew that this is the kind of magic that a break could do to the red carpets, we would have filed a petition to make them biennial long back! 

The theme of this year’s Met Gala is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” and the attendees have interpreted it in a lot of star-spangled styles. With “American Independence” listed as the official dress code, they have served us looks ranging from old-world Hollywood charm to more contemporary, football-inspired fits. Yup, you read that right. However, the one theme that runs common in all the winning looks from the night is the grandiosity associated with The American Dream. Here are some of the outfits from the Met Gala red carpet that have caught our eye this year:

Making Statements 

Amid the burgeoning black rights movement in the states and increasing queer awareness and equality drives, a lot of political statements were made on the Met Gala red carpet. Here are some of our favorites: 

Carolyn Maloney


Carolyn Maloney made it to the Met Gala 2021 red carpet dressed in green, purple, and white, the colours originally associated with the suffragette movement. With “Equal Rights For Women” written on her parallel capes, the activist made a strong statement truly in the spirit of modern-day America. 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez


How often do you walk into a party knowing well that you will surely ruffle some feathers and perhaps offend the entirety of the guest list? Alexandria did just that last night! The Democratic-Socialist congresswoman opted for a white Brother Vellies gown with “Tax the Rich” splashed in red on the back.

Cara Delevingne


“Peg The Patriarchy” was the message embossed on Cara Delevingne’s vest. The bulletproof vest has been designed by Dior’s Maria Grazia Chiuri and is every bit a statement, both literally and figuratively. Cara finished off her look with matching cigarette pants and ankle strap heels. 

Dan Levy


‘Yo David’ became our motto for the Met Gala 2021 night as soon as Dan Levy entered the scene being every bit David (If you know, you know). He opted for a co-ord set and had an image championing gay right at the front of his pretty dramatic sweatshirt. 



Queen Riri arrived at the Met Gala red carpet, fashionably late, and in draped in a Balenciaga outfit that brought attention to the fact that she is, in fact, a migrant in America.



Featuring ten million hand-placed crystals, Saweetie’s Christian Cowan turned out to be a hit that has us impressed with both its blinding beauty and its emotional significance. The gown took inspiration from her heritage with one train signifying the Filipino flag and the other representing the black American flag. 

Making Us Go ‘Wowwwww’

A strong synergy has always existed between the world of fashion and art. Most celebs on the Met Gala 2021 red carpet, explored the confluence through the never-ceasing charm of old-world Hollywood. Here are our top looks:



If we were to declare a Met Gala 2021 show stopper, it would be Iman hands down. The founder of Iman cosmetics made it to the event looking like a golden Goddess In a Harris Reed X Dolce & Gabbana ensemble. Her outfit consisted of a gold jumpsuit, layered up with a cage skirt and a featured headdress. The ethereal beauty reminded us of Cher and we totally approve!

Billie Eilish 


In a welcome departure from her trademark athleisure and loungewear look, Billie Eilish owned the Met Gala red carpet in a custom Oscar de la Renta gown. The peach ombre gown resurrected some old-world Hollywood glamm with its trailing tulle skirt and draped-see-through shoulders. Her look basically screamed Marilyn Monroe but make it Billie Eilish and we believe that no one could have done it as well as her.  

Kendall Jenner


Taking inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s look in My Fair Lady, Kendall went for a particularly stunning Givenchy gown. She was given tassel details and a dramatic choker right in the spirit of Audrey’s iconic look. 

Kaia Gerber 


Minimal but impactful, Kaia’s Oscar de la Renta gown paid homage to Bianca Jagger’s iconic Halsten gown that she too wore for a Met red carpet. 

Barbie Ferreira


Barbie served us old-world Hollywood burlesque, dressed in a bedazzled Jonathan Sinkhai ensemble. The dripping pearl accents on her gown and halter-meets-necklace detail had us rooting for the look so hard. 

Meghan Fox


Meghan Fox is on a red carpet winning spree of late and her Met Gala outfit was no exception. Channelling her inner Bettie Page, the actress opted for a scarlet Dundas gown that featured tie on details and colour on colour embroidery. 

Making Us Go ‘Whyyyyy’

A red carpet that is a hundred per cent hit is a little boring and also a myth. That’s one way of saying that no matter how hard some people might try, there will always be red carpet looks that fail. But you know what? We live for them as much as the red carpet hits. After all, disappointing as these looks might be they also make the otherwise swanky events a little bit fun. Plus, in the era of memes, it only makes sense that we spot at least a couple of these fits on every red carpet, right? Here are the looks that failed to impress us:

Zoe Cravitz


Zoe Kravitz’s custom Saint Laurent naked dress comes at bad timing. Just yesterday, Megan Fox wowed us at the VMAs in her naked Mugler fit and the internet hasn’t calmed down since. It’s kinda impossible to outshine Megan at the moment and that’s exactly what has happened with Zoe here.  

Olivia Rodrigo


Safe to say that Olivia Rodrigo’s stylist did her dirty with that chantilly, feather, and boy short outfit. Seriously, what on Earth is happening here? Why did she even agree to wear this?

Kim Kardashian


Is it just us or is Kim K’s look making everyone gasping for breath (quite literally), courtesy of her visibly suffocating outfit? 

Jennifer Lopez


We aren’t too sure about our feelings for JLo’s cowgirl meets couture Ralph Lauren outfit. What about you?

So fam, tell us which one of these outfits impressed you the most?

Featured Image: Instagram