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Hey KJo, We Just Reimagined The ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ With A Better Cast

Hey KJo, We Just Reimagined The ‘Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ With A Better Cast

Watched the Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives yet? If not and in case, you happen to have a thing for cringe content just like me (don’t @ me) then I suggest you go do that immediately! It’s been a week since the reality show’s Netflix release and it still continues to trend on social media as people keep posting about how much they hate it and then continue binge-watching it anyway. Yup! 

If I haven’t already made it clear, let me say it once again: I actually enjoyed watching this show despite all the “mindless fun” that it is getting called out for. However, that is not to say that the show couldn’t have been any better. Of course, it could have been much, much better had the Bollywood wives that we actually deserved made it on the show instead of the ones that we have to make do with. You know where it is going! 

Here are four Bollywood wives that would have really elevated the show and we believe that the audience actually deserved: 

Mira Rajput


Sans an iota of doubt, Mira has to be our number one choice here. She is glam, she is witty, and also caustic enough to burn with her words whenever the need arises. Remember how she called out Karan Johar on Koffee With Karan for never mentioning Shahid Kapoor on any of his lists? 

Even though she has nothing to do with the entertainment industry (apart from the fact that she is married to an actor), she has been managing her share of the limelight all the while. Tabloids love to talk about her, fashion magazines legit stalk her, and media publications are constantly looking for a quote from her. No reason why she wouldn’t have killed it on the show. 

Twinkle Khanna


We often wonder what it must be like for a feminist to be married to a man whose films don’t even have the “F” of that feminism. This and the fact that she is quite a baller herself, has her own media platform, has an opinion on almost everything, and can pull off serious fashion numbers and not just sequins smeared dresses (forgive the shade but you know what we mean). Also, this one too was on fire in her recent appearance with Koffee With Karan and well, watching something similar on TFLOBW would have been actually fun. At least, way more fun than the don vibes that Johar was trying to exude as the lead ladies watched him like devoted fangirls. 

Gauri Khan


Yes, TFLOBW did introduce Gauri Khan as the first lady of Bollywood but was that enough? Nope! The real shiz would have been in watching her take the lead and show us what it actually means to be a “Bollywood wife”. I mean not to sound too mean and all but does Neelam Kothari even qualify for the title?

Also, we are not to forget the A+ plus beauty game and her flawless skin that she would have brought to the show. Are you too a fan of Gauri’s dewy skin? Here’s how to get it:

Kiran Rao


‘And each one of us has a very distinct, individual personality,’ says one of the Bollywood wives in the show. Which one? We struggle to recollect given that all of them kinda merged in the show, which thus refutes the claim. But you know which one of the Bollywood wives actually has a very unique personality? Kiran Rao! Add to it the fact that there float a ton of rumors about Aamir Khan and Kiran being in an open marriage. Needless to say, Kiran featuring as one of the Bollywood wives would have been the real tea! 

Seriously, high time Karan Johar hires me as his casting director!

Featured image: Instagram 

04 Dec 2020

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