The Big Bag Theory: 9 Different Types Of Handbags You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Abhilasha TyagiAbhilasha Tyagi  |  Apr 18, 2019
The Big Bag Theory: 9 Different Types Of Handbags You Will Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer


The season where the mercury rises, read summer, is upon us and man, we can’t wait to get to all those summer clothes that have been ignored for far too long. But also on the list of ‘things not to miss’ are the uber-cool ‘it’ bags that are simply blowing our minds this season. From the ubiquitous straw and wicker bags to the utility-inspired oversized offerings, the summer bag trends have something for everyone. All aboard then? 

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1. The Circular Straw Bag


Image source: Instagram

You have seen it, you have wanted it and perhaps even have it. The round straw bag is all the rage in fashion circles and no, it isn’t restricted to Instagram-worthy beach vacays, something we happen to be glad about. 

2. The Transparent Bag


Image source: Instagram

The debate about the transparent bag is polarised; the harmful effects to the environment stand unchanged while some groups continue to love it. As leading brands and fashion houses continue to foray into the territory, the only way to be environmentally conscious is to reuse it for days to come. 

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3. The All Out Neon Bag


Image source: Instagram

Neon might as well be the new black, especially with fashion-forward girls leaning more and more towards the vibrant hue. Smart styling trick? Pair it with all-black or all-white ensembles for a striking effect. 

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4. The Structured Wicker Bag


Image source: Instagram

Lo and behold, it’s the classic wicker bag! An accessory from the straw bag’s family, if you may, the wicker bag is strong, fashionable and a good pick for all those who are inclined towards utility. What do you think?

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5. The Embroidered Bag


Image source: Instagram

Embroidery has been a trend for a long time now, and so it’s unsurprising that it has popped up in our Instagram feeds once again. If you are not overly fond of OTT embroidery on your handbag, we suggest opting for a minimal placement one instead. 

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6. The Bucket Bag


Image source: Instagram

All hail the bucket bag! A major trend that you will most likely have seen, the bucket bag is huge and it’s here to stay. The distinct shape of the accessory only makes it more desirable, and we for one, can’t wait to get our hands on this cool bag trend for the summer. 

7. The Oversized Bag


Image source: Instagram

Have a bag but can’t fit anything into it? We feel you. With a plethora of essentials always necessary to be carried everywhere comes the need for an oversized bag. Thankfully, the trend is huge right now, meaning you will several options to choose from right now! 

8. The Scarf Detailed Bag


Image source: Instagram

If you have a bag and want to upgrade it, we got the perfect trick. Tie a scarf to it and see it transform. For an on-fleek accessory, twist a scarf before tying it to the handle of your handbag. You will be thanking us later, we promise!

9. Slogan Bags


Image source: Instagram

When it comes to the types of handbags, the slogan bag takes the cake. Might we suggest some super cool ones? They are sassy, they are out there and we bet you will want them ASAP. Give ’em a go girls, for they will be a hit in college, no doubt. 

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