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The Micro Difference: Microblading VS Microshading

The Micro Difference: Microblading VS Microshading

It’s true—microblading doesn’t pair too well with sensitive or oily skin-types. A bummer it is, but that’s where microshading comes in: microblading’s lesser-known sibling. How are they different?

A Micro-Mini Guide To Microshading And Microblading

Back To The Basics

Microblading creates the illusion of super-thin strokes of hair along the length of the brow with pigment. It’s done by tattooing the skin with an ultra-fine blade containing needles. Microshading, on the other hand, creates teeny-tiny dots on the skin to achieve a powdered-brow look—almost like you’ve applied brow-powder. Both processes use ink and needles to create the effect of fuller-looking brows, but they do it differently. To understand what sets them apart from one another, here’s a quick look at both of their pros and cons if you’re contemplating filling in your brows.

Pros And Cons Of Microblading


  • It makes your eyebrows look natural because of the hair-like strokes it creates on the surface.
  • It’s ideal for those with normal to dry skin. Microblading doesn’t penetrate the skin as much, and oily skin-types don’t retain pigment as well. This procedure, then, is not suitable for oily skin.
  • It makes for a lighter finish.
  • It can change the shape of your eyebrows.


  • It’s not permanent. It lasts for about 18 months.
  • It requires frequent touch-ups because of how subtle it is.
  • It can cause a little pain because it works by dragging a blade across your brows.

Pros And Cons Of Microshading


  • It’s ideal for oily and sensitive skin. Since pigment penetrates the skin more, this is ideal for those with an oily skin-type.
  • Your eyebrows look thicker, fuller, and airbrushed.
  • It lasts longer than microblading because it works with more pigment, and goes deeper: between 2 years to 3 years.
  • You can go back for touch-ups every 12 to 18 months.


  • It doesn’t look as natural. It’s bold and solid in appearance. This might not be suitable if you’re looking for something natural and minimal.
  • This process can cause pain and discomfort too.

Can They Be Done Together?

Yes, they can work in conjunction with one another. This is called the Hybrid or Combo Brow. Oftentimes, the start of the brow looks unnatural when shaded, and that’s where strokes come in. The beginning of the brow can be pigmented through microblading, and the outer-half can be shaded through microshading.

Now, you don’t have to depend on brow-powders, brow-pencils, or ‘brow-wigs’ to fill your brows.

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jun 2022

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