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Skincare 101: The Correct Amount of Product You Should Be Applying On Your Face

Skincare 101: The Correct Amount of Product You Should Be Applying On Your Face

Things can get a little confusing if you’re new to skincare. You’re probably wondering what exactly is a skincare routine, what is the right order to use skincare products and most importantly, how much product to use. The last question is a bit puzzling for even a skincare enthusiast to answer. However, it’s important to know how much product is too much, because if you don’t keep a tab on your usage, the product could clog pores, cause skin inflammation, disrupt the skin’s barrier and cause severe itchiness. To save you from experiencing any of that nasty stuff, we’ll tell you the correct amount of product to use on your skin. 

The Correct Amount of Product You Should Be Applying On Your Skin

After all, skincare is self-care.

1. Face Wash

For a face wash to work its magic, you just need a dime-sized amount. Anything more than that strips the skin of its natural oils. Invest in face washes that contain these power ingredients – hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, ceramides and salicylic acid as they’re nourishing for the skin. A cool tip to ensure a deep cleanse is to leave your face wash product on for a minute before you wash it off. The gunk, oil and dirt will come off easily with this method. 

2. Toner


If you follow a CTM routine, you’ll notice that the toner is the second important step. While it helps to balance the skin’s pH levels, it also helps to clean any dirt or makeup residue that your face wash may have not been able to remove. The correct amount of toner product to use is 4-5 drops. Use a cotton pad to apply the product on your skin once at night and once in the morning. 

3. Serum

Serum application is the next step after using a toner. Two pumps of serum should be more than enough. As compared to creams, serums may be lightweight, but their active ingredients are more powerful and concentrated. Too much serum can clog the pores and lead to skin inflammation. Also, the serum shouldn’t only be used on the face, show your neck some love too.

4. Eye Cream


The first signs of ageing begin around your eyes (especially the under-eye area). You need just a pea-sized amount of eye cream to moisturise your under-eye area. Gently dot eye cream on the under-eye area and use the ring finger to spread and blend the product. Why use the ring finger, you ask? Simply because it provides the least amount of pressure on your under-eye area. 

5. Moisturiser

Okay, here’s the thing with using a moisturiser. You need only a 1 rupee-sized amount to moisturise your face and neck. If you apply too much of moisturiser, your skin will start to look greasy and shiny. Even worse, this may also lead to breakouts.

6. Face Oils


Face oils are a wonderful way to end your skincare routine. They strengthen the outer layer of your skin and prevent moisture from escaping the skin. 2-3 drops of face oil are enough to cover and hydrate your entire face. 

7. Sunscreen

Sunscreen needs to be worn outdoors and indoors, regardless of the weather. Frequent sun exposure with no protection leads to wrinkles, sunspots and even skin cancer. Remember, the sun is harshest from 10 am to 4 pm and you need to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out. 1/2 tsp of SPF 15 or above is enough product to cover your whole face and neck. 

Skincare is a mindful process. The more attentive and gentle you are with your skin, the healthier it will become. 

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28 Jul 2020

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