The Coolest Ways To Wear A Fringe When You’re Itching For A Mane Makeover

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Sep 13, 2021
The Coolest Ways To Wear A Fringe When You’re Itching For A Mane Makeover


Imagine this- you’ve invested years into growing your locks and finally reach a place where you feel happy with the length but all of a sudden feel a little, well, bored. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Enter the humble fringe. Fringes are effortlessly chic, forever on-trend, and there’s one to suit almost every face shape and style. Just as we may switch up our makeup aesthetic or nail game in celebration of a new season, opting for a cute fringy hairdo can be a great way to boost your style, enhance a cozy wardrobe, or simply nix an intense bout of post-summer beauty boredom. So to zero in, we’re cataloguing each and every jaw-dropping fringe iteration so you don’t miss a beat. For your dose of inspiration in the strand department, keep scrolling to see the most striking and beautifully edgy fringe haircuts reaching peak popularity.

Trust us, they look just as good on IRL as they do on Instagram.

From Subtle Bangs To Choppy Cuts – Here Are The Coolest Ways To Wear Fringes

Whether you’re looking for just a little bit of something or you’re craving a full-on transformation, the list has ‘em all. 

Easy Breezy 

Yes, if you don’t incline towards full-blown fringy haircuts, then these barely-there bangs are the ones to call on. They are so damn cute and this cut flatters almost all face shapes and styles. If in doubt, sweep your fringe to the side for instant French-girl appeal. 

Full Fringes For Trendsetters

Here’s a classic fringe style for a bold, timeless look. From ultra-short to long, the fringe style looks good on all hair lengths. We’re totally loving this full, but slightly choppy fringe and is perf to instantly elevate your style. Go for straight strands when donning this fringe style for a major celeb-esque vibe.

Shag: For An Effortlessly Cool Vibe

A slightly grown-out fringe looks so relaxed when paired with a longer hair length. If you’ve just had a fringe cut in then you can simply push your strands to each side for a more laid-back feel. Even though we’ve seen the resurgence of the shag time and again, the 2021 version reads softer and not as disconnected as it was back in the ‘80s. 

The ‘90s-Inspired

Another highly requested trend? Yes? The most immediate trend we’ve spotlighted is the curtain bang. The ‘90s curtain bangs are here to stay. They are a modern take on the classic fringe and we’re her for it. Curtain bangs require a little maintenance to look their best and are having a major moment right now. The best bits? It suits almost all hair textures and face shapes. 

Mini Fringes To Make A Statement

A brave, alternative way to wear the fringe that requires the most commitment. Show it off with a volumized ponytail or a pixie haircut for a statement-making look. Sleek, sharp and shiny, the mini fringe pairs perfectly well with a retro bob.

Side Fringes For Major Cool-Girl Vibe

The light side-swept fringe is perf if you are a newbie in the fringe world. It looks sleek and polished and is the safest way to hop on the bandwagon. From Neha Sharma to Disha Patani, we’ve seen a number of B-Town divas sporting this hairdo. It’s best if you want to switch up your hair game without going for a drastic change.

Don’t forget to screenshot these for your next salon appointment.

Featured Image: Instagram