Upgrade Your Contour Game With These Hip Styles That Are Taking Over The ‘Gram RN!

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 19, 2021
Trending Contour Styles 2021


The 2010s was the decade when Kim Kardashian introduced us to the art of contouring. And as we ease further into the 2020s, the contouring trend has been getting plenty of modern upgrades which are perfect to give your face a realistic-looking depth and dimension.

So, to help you nail a celeb-like look, we combed through our discover page to find the coolest, freshest contouring styles you need to check out. Whether you want to fake the look of fuller lips or chiseled jawline and lifted brows- try these contour techniques to blend your masterpieces like a pro.

Contouring Techniques That Will Help You Ace A Makeup Look Like Your Fav ‘Gram-Girlies

For Chiseled Jawline

No harsh lines, please! 2021 is all about minimalist makeup looks and natural contouring skills is the heart of it. To achieve a natural-looking chiseled look, make sure that the point of intensity is at the back of the neck, towards the ears and then, blend it out forwards to avoid dark and harsh stripes.

Reverse Nose Contouring FTW!

If you want to make your makeup routine as simple as possible, we’ve just the thing for you. Enter: reverse nose contouring. The trend is blowing up on Instagram. We’re not saying you need to contour your nose, we’re sure it’s beautiful just as it is but if you fancy trying the trend, it’s super simple. Just apply contour all over your nose, then put the concealer to areas you would normally leave the lighter colour – on the sides of your nose and down the centre. Finally, blend it until it looks like your regular nose.

To Fake An Eye Lift

So, what’s the method to fake an eye lift? Yes, it’s our good old friend contouring again but the steps are relatively simpler. The first step is to apply concealer on your eyebrow arch and the inner corner of your eyes. Next, apply some brown eyeshadow blended beneath the under-eyebrow concealer, flicked outwards, followed by a little more concealer on the outer eye area. Finally, blend it all together using a brush. Finish the look by applying mascara on your top lashes.

Face Sculpting 2.0

Invisible sculpting, softer appearance are ruling the beauty world. To achieve a natural-looking defined look, take a cream contour which is about 1 to 2 shades darker than your skin colour and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks. Keep in mind to blend the contour going up your cheekbones and not downwards to make it look more seamless and second skin like. Make it blend into the blush for a celeb-like glow.

Lip Contouring 101

In case you hadn’t noticed, Instagram has taken over the beauty world. The mega-popular social media app houses makeup content that never fails to surprise us. One such trend bubbling up these days is using a brown contour shade to outline the lips to fake a fuller-looking pout. All you need to do is take your regular contouring stick, use a precise brush to outline it and then blend it inwards to sport a pouty, voluminous lips.

Try these contouring techniques to take your makeup up a notch.

Featured Image: Instagram