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Skirting The Issue: The BEST Skirts For Every Body Type!

Finding the perfect skirt can be quite a challenge, given how many options we’re always surrounded by! And unfortunately, not everything looks as good on us as they do on the mannequin. That’s why we bring you our list of the best skirts – in every length! – for your body type, so you can be totally sure if the one that’s making you reach for your credit card is the right one for YOU!

1. If you’re an apple shaped girl

skirts for every body type Apple 1

Volume is key! If you have an apple shaped body (a curvy torso and a relatively slim lower body), high-waisted skirts are a good idea, especially if they flare out from the hips. The line of the skirt will add volume to your hips and flatter your figure.

POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Organza Skirt (Rs 1,499), Faballey Blue Flared Skirt (Rs 1,800), Femella Beige Flared Skirt (Rs 1,850)

2. For the pear-shaped girl

skirts for every body type Pear

If you have a pear shaped body (broader at the hips than your shoulders), you should go for more structured materials, and also A-line silhouettes. Lighter or stretchy fabrics like jersey can make your hips appear wider than they are – whereas thicker and more structured fabrics emphasize your hips just the right amount! A higher waist is also a good idea since it focuses the attention on the narrowest part of your body.

POPxo Recommends: The Vanca Black Flared Skirt (Rs 450), Only Black Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,348), Faballey Pink Flared Skirt (Rs 1,250)

3. If you have an athletic figure

skirts for every body type Athletic


Tulip skirts are great for adding curves to your body! The make your hips and thighs seem fuller and add more femininity to your look. The same with asymmetrical hemlines and overlapping fabric – they give your hips a more rounded appearance, while showcasing your lean legs.

POPxo Recommends: MEEE Purple Tulip Skirt (Rs 1,095), Boohoo Pink Tulip Skirt (Rs 545), Ridress for TFC Navy Blue Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,294)

4. For the girl with the hourglass figure

skirts for every body type Hourglass

Rocks those curves, girl! Bodycon skirts were made for you, and there is no one out there who will deny that. Grab yourself a one if you haven’t already – nothing will make you feel more fab than than these.

POPxo Recommends: AND Multi Pencil Skirt (Rs 850), Miss Selfridge Blue Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,250), Faballey Black A-Line Skirt (Rs 1,250)

5. If you’re a girl with a petite frame

skirts for every body type Petite

The key for you is to find skirts that add height to your silhouette, and don’t make it look like you’re drowning in fabric. Structured materials are a good idea for this; and when you’re going long, pick something with a side-slit to show a hint of leg and add height to your frame. Avoid mid-calf length skirts – they tend to make a small girl look shorter still.

POPxo Recommends: Embroidered Polka Dot Skirt (Rs 1,129), Miss Selfridge Pencil Skirt (Rs 1,250), Vibrant Slit Maxi Skirt (Rs 1,369)

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05 May 2016

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