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6 Saffron-Infused Products That’ll Get You Glowing!

6 Saffron-Infused Products That’ll Get You Glowing!

Out of the endless skincare ingredients that constantly flood our Instagram feeds and inboxes, saffron is a classic that keeps coming back to the limelight time and again. Yes, the world’s most expensive spice is also a beauty hero. Likened to turmeric, the nutty-tasting spice is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient that also boasts excellent hydrating and anti-ageing properties. From turbo-charged brightening abilities to fading away dark spots – it really works wonders! 

TBH, ever since we found out about the amazing beauty benefits of saffron, it has emerged as the MVP of our skincare stash. So today we are here to shine a light on the best saffron-infused products that’ll take your glow game to the next level. 

These Saffron-Infused Skincare Products Will Leave Your Skin So Danm Glowy!


Reach Your Glowy Goddess Goals

We don’t know what makes this cream smells so good, or what gives it its perfect texture, but whatever we want to bathe in it. If you’re after super-hydrated, plump skin, this is the cream to call on. If your ultimate goal is to have skin that radiates so much that your lit factor gives the sun a run for its money, then this serum will help you reach your glowy goddess goals. 

The Secret To Baby-Soft Skin

Loaded with vitamin E and shea butter, this body wash leaves skin feeling velvety smooth and refreshed. It smells so good that you can skip the perfume. The nourishing formula swiftly quenches the thirst of the dehydrated and impaired skin and leaves it plump, slushy, and bright. Add this to your cart and wrap your skin below the chin in some serious TLC.

All We Can Say Is Wow.

An intense blend of sandalwood and saffron that works together to absorb excess oil and overhaul the complexion. The result? Smaller-looking pores, smoother and softer skin every time you apply this face mask. It’s a go-to for skincare obsessed for good reasons, the powerful ingredients not only instantly hydrate and plump up the skin but also smooths the look of lines over time.

Liquid Gold!

If you like your skincare with a side of luxury, this is the product for you. Freshly harvested saffron is distilled into an elixir that strengthens the skin’s resistance to daily damage. The antioxidant-packed saffron is married with beta-glucans, peptides, and a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which help skin plumper, brighter, and smoother. 

For The Ultimate Summer Glow

The blend of ground Mysore sandalwood, pure rose Otto, Kashmiri saffron, and vetiver buffs away dead skin cells, thus diminishing scars and fine lines. The formula can be mixed with rosewater to create a mask or mixed with a cleanser to double up as an exfoliant. The mineral-rich formula draws out all the dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils, imparting a natural glow.

Bring On The Glow

The gel-based cleanser can remove toxins and dead skin cells, clear clogged pores, and wipe away heavy makeup in a jiffy. The two main natural carotenoids of saffron are responsible for its antioxidant properties, and crocin is responsible for fighting acne.

Sang these babies before they sell out!

Featured Image: Pexels

22 Apr 2022

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