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The Best 'Gram-Worthy Press-On Nails

Beauty Cheat Sheet: These 6 Press-On Nails Will Give You A Salon-Like Mani At Home

Hands up if mastering the art of giving yourself a perf manicure remains on your beauty bucket list? Same, pal, same. As a cheat sheet, we’d like to introduce you to the unsung heroes i.e., the press-on nails. They slowly crept their way to our hearts cause of their quick, easy, and hassle-free application. And best of all? There’s no extensive removal process and unlike gel manicure, press on nails won’t leave your nails mauled and brittle for weeks. 

The iterations flooding the ‘gram rn are fashion-forward and cater to every taste. Whether you gravitate towards short neutrals or long and bold glitter sets, there is a stick-on nail set for everyone. Keep scrolling for the prettiest ones.

We’re Officially Obsessed With These Stick-On False Nails

Marble-Inspired Nails

The striking marble set is straight-up art. These stand-out nail tips will trick people into thinking that you’re a fancy salon regular and the packaging on these stick-on nails is unmatched. There are bold solid colours as well as crystal-embellished iterations available, so you are sure to find something that aligns with your style.

For Minimalist Folks

We all love a good drugstore stick-on and these dashing diva nails are by far the best for the cheapest. You can’t really go wrong with a classic, nude-hued manicure, and this one doesn’t even require glue. Yes, it’s that easy as you just need to peel and stick. If you’re a minimalist who loves flaunting an edgy style, you’d love this product. It lasts for 7 days and can be reused. Seriously, what’s not to love?

The Trend-Forward Style


The statement-making ombre has been flooding our ‘gram for quite some time now. It’s subtle in approach yet gives an elevated fashion-forward look. If you’re a sucker for ‘grammable nails, this one will live up to your social media hype. The best part? There are various shapes and styles to choose from, and happy reviewers repeatedly comment on how long-lasting these press-on nails are.

For Classic Blue-Hue Lovers


The blue manicure was a go-to for nail art lovers in the ‘90s and it continues to find fans. If you want a classic manicure without the mess, you definitely need to add this reusable, fuss-free set from amazon to your cart ASAP. They are universally flattering, making for the perfect, matte-finish mani for classic nail-art-lovers.

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The Glittery Edition

Want to make an eye-catching statement without bleeding your bank? We’ve got you covered. These glossy nail tips are so damn affordable. If you like Iridescent hues and high-shine chrome, this instant manicure set can be the best pick for you. It comes with 2 tubes of nail glue making it a great emergency manicure backup. 

To Fake That Gel-Shine

We are officially obsessed with these press-on nails, and for valid reasons: they’re gorg and budget-friendly, and not to mention, these fake nails are worth replacing your salon mani. They are undoubtedly the longest-lasting set from the bunch and comes in more than 20 shades and styles, making them perf for your at-home manicure.

The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply Press-On Nails At Home

Step 1: Firstly, clip your natural nails short as it will help your mani last longer.

Step 2: It’s best to choose the nail size for each finger in advance so that you’re aren’t trying to find it with wet glue on your hands. If requires, file the size of your stick-on nails to fit your nail bed.

Step 3: Apply one nail at a time by covering your whole nail with glue, then align the falsies with your nail bed and press down for 20 secs.

PS: If you’ve opted for clear stick-ons, you can paint them to your once the glue is dry. We recommend applying a single coat of LIT Nail Enamel to take up your style game and don’t forget to top coat so your polish lasts as long as your press-ons.

Nail your everyday style by adding these to your cart ASAP.

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