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Perfume Hacks To Make You Smell Like A Dream 24/7

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  May 18, 2021
The Best Perfume Hacks To Make It Last Longer


The soaring temperature sparks a bit of fragrance relentlessness for many of us and here we are scouting our new signature scents. TBH, there’s nothing that matches a spritz of our fave perfume. It is the ultimate finishing touch that elevates our mood and style. However, no matter how dreamy the scent is if it disappears the moment you put it on. We hate to be the one breaking to you, but you might be spritzing it the wrong way all this time. Yes, the application technique can make or break the staying power of your perfume, which is probably the reason why your fragrance lasts for, like, only an hour or two at max.

Lucky for you, we’re basically fragrance fanatics out there. After years of spritzing and smelling, we’ve garnered quite a few hacks to keep our olfactory interest piqued from a.m. to p.m. So if you want to savour every expensive drop of your precious fragrance, keep scrolling for hacks to smell like a dream 24/7.

9 Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Signature Scents


Prep Your Skin With Vaseline

An oldie but a goodie, using vaseline on your pulse points can make your scent last really long. Vaseline holds the smell to our skin way longer than if you spray it onto dry skin. This is one of the easiest hacks to smell like to keep the fragrance intact from a.m. to p.m.

Spritz It On Top Of Ears

The oilier, the better. Yes, it might sound weird but you heard it right. Oilier skin holds and retains the perfume for longer. As the top of our ears is a bit oilier than behind your earlobes. Other than that, you can apply it on your pulse points including your wrists, inside your elbows, on your neck, behind your knees, and below your midriff.

Apply It Over An Unscented Body Lotion Or Oil

We have said it before, but it bears repeating. The oilier the skin is, the better it retains the fragrance. So applying your fave unscented body lotion or body oil before you spritz on your perfume will do the trick and will let you make the most of your scent. 

Spritz On Your Hair Brush

A long-lasting fragrance that could keep up with our busy schedules is of the utmost importance, so we’ve just the hack for you. Lightly spray your hairbrush with your signature scent, don’t apply it directly to your hair as the alcohol in perfume can dry out your locks. Or else, you can invest in a hair perfume that is specifically designed to take care of your tresses.

Spritz It At The Right Time

To make the most of your scent, apply it right after taking a shower as damp skin helps lock in the scent but avoid getting dressed immediately as it will rub off. So wait for it to dry out first. We recommend using GLOW Iridescent Brightening Body Lotion before you applying perfume. This rosehip oil-infused formula will hydrate the skin. Thus, increasing its fragrance retaining power.

Apply By Spritzing, Not Misting

Yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way of applying perfume. We’ve all seen people spray a bunch of fragrance in the air and then walk through it? Yup, don’t do that as you’ll only end up wasting a lot of the product. Instead, directly spritz onto bare skin. 

Store The Fragrance In The Right Place

Store your fragrance bottles in a cool, dry place and always away from the window and your bathroom. Why? Humidity, light, and dampness break down the power of your perfume, thereby, weakening its fragrance.  Pro Tip: Store it on the vanity in your room, you can also use a pretty stand to display your arsenal.

Pay Attention To The Concentration Of Your Fragrance

Know the type. Eau de toilette and eau de cologne have a low concentration of fragrance oils and are more subtle scents while Eau de parfum and Extrait de parfum are way more pungent. Hence, the latter category or perfumes last longer. 

Avoid Rubbing Your Wrists

To retain the power of your perfume, avoid rubbing your wrists. When we rub our wrists together, it creates friction which in turn fades the top notes of the perfume and so it won’t last as long as we’d like.

Take your style game a notch higher by smelling like a dream at all times.

Featured Image: Pexels