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Hair Oils That Will Put All Your Hair & Scalp Concerns To Rest

Hair Oils That Will Put All Your Hair & Scalp Concerns To Rest

Hair oils are truly underrated, especially since they offer so many benefits in just one product. An oil treatment can literally transform your locks and revive them to their former glory. Remember how your hair used to look and feel so healthy when you were a kid? You owe it to the regular use of hair oil back in the day which was mostly compulsory for every school kid. Yes, coconut oil was and continues to be a nationwide staple for nourishing the mane, but hair oils have gotten far more advanced than a single oil these days. 

Combining the benefits of multiple natural oils, modern-day hair oil products are specifically formulated to do more than just moisturise your hair. From treating hair fall to fighting off dandruff, they leave no stone unturned when it comes to treating multiple haircare concerns. Here’s a selection of hair oils that are crafted to treat specific hair concerns while beautifying your locks.

5 Best Hair Oils To Treat Various Hair Concerns


The Smooth Operator

If frizz is one of your biggest hair concerns, take refuge in the Moroccan Argan Hair Oil by StBotanica. It softens the hair and makes it smooth so that your hair is easy to detangle. The smoothening and softening effect of the oil also ensures that your hair has less frizz and more shine and volume. Moroccan argan oil is considered to be the gold standard in beautifying hair, and that explains why this product works like magic.

The Healing Elixir

Infused with natural active ingredients, this hair oil works as a rejuvenating serum for the scalp and hair. It contains a powerful blend of essential oils such as rosemary and tea tree along with carrier oils such as jojoba, olive, castor, and sweet almond. It helps control hair fall, adds shine, and keeps the scalp clean and nourished. It’s the perfect hair oil for overall scalp and hair care.

Best Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Hair Growth

The Volume Booster

Dullness and dryness making your hair look limp? This red onion infused hair oil can revive your strands. It helps reverse the damage caused by excessive heat styling and pollution by softening and moisturising the strands. It also works to improve blood circulation in the scalp so as to reduce hair fall and promote a healthy hair growth cycle. This hair oil provides your mane with antioxidant protection which means your hair can stay safe from environmental aggressors.

The Anti-Dandruff Warrior

Have trouble with flakiness on your scalp? This hair oil can help. It has neem and amla in its ingredient list, both of which are renowned for their dandruff-fighting properties and hair fall control functions. This oil blend also contains Brahmi which is an ayurvedic ingredient used to reduce scalp irritation and strengthen hair. 

The Hair Fall Rescue

Powered by Redensyl which is a scientifically proven hair fall control solution, this hair oil is perfect for anyone experiencing lots of hair loss. This blend stimulates the hair follicles so that new hair starts to grow and existing strands are healthy and strengthened. Sweet almond oil, ginseng oil, and black seed oil are a few other ingredients in this formula and make this product truly invigorating for the scalp and mane.

Take your pick from these hair oil products and your hair concerns will be put to rest.

Featured Images: Pexels

14 Jan 2022

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